Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'll just call it the Ernie Hair Cut

I adored Sesame Street as a child. Unfortunately, when it came time to pass hand down this love to my own children, I found the show had become polluted with obnoxious, wall-coloring, red monsters, non-imaginary Snuffleupaguses, and overkill on political correctness. But this post is about that most beloved, entertaining, and educational show of memory .

More specifically about Bert and Ernie. How I loved that rapscallion puppet named Ernie! Although I confess I loved Bert a tiny bit more with his long suffering sighs.

Remember the time Ernie was alone with Burt's cookies? Temptation overwhelmed and he soon took a small nibble on one. But, oh no! The cookie was now uneven and a correcting nibble was needed. And then another and another until finally the cookie was gone.

I don't know why I thought of that skit this morning. Might have something to do with this:

P.S. My daughter, who managed learned optimism without any Sesame Street lessons, took it all in good measure. "It's hair, it will grow back. And now I don't have to pull it all the way over my shoulder to brush it." In fact, it barely touches her shoulders now.

For comparison, here is what it looked like on Friday. Note the length even after making six braids and braiding them into one. And yes, she is wearing fairy wings, pointy ears and a tiara to school. And her brother is wearing a suit in the background. Isn't that how your kids always dress for school?

P.P.S. Fine, just kidding. In honor of Dr Seuss's birthday the school allowed the kids to dress as characters from favorite books. I even have a front facing picture. Ethan was Artemis Fowl, Kirsti was the Fairy Queen from Fablehaven and Joseph was Pip, one of the dragons in Pillage.

And now I find myself craving cookies.

C is for Cookie. that's good enough for me...