About Me

The most important thing you could know about me is that I hate the taste of cherries. Not cherries themselves, just the taste of them as a flavoring. This is due to years of cherry flavored medicine, which eventually led to my association of the flavor with nastiness. 

Okay, that really has no importance whatsoever to knowing me. Unless your making me a dessert, in which case my original paragraph retains its prominence.

Actually, you may notice a pronounces lack of normality in this little piece of the cybersphere. This may be due to my 6 children between the ages of 15 and 5. It may be due to my husband's career as an emergency room physician. But it is probably due to genetics.

Our family is just plain odd, and we like it that way. Dinner conversations vary from "how the history of Russian/Turkish relations affected America" to "which Dr. Horrible song is the best." And pretty much anything in-between.

I read a lot, sleep not enough, and drive kids around enough to use up any limited sanity reserves I find. I love my husband, adore my kids, and enjoy my life; but can still see the ridiculous in all three. More often than I should (but that is where I find those limited sanity reserves, so I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!)

Nice to meet you.