Monday, May 16, 2011

Thoughts on My Cleaning Day

I woke this morning with a jarring thought: I hadn't charged my cell phone. Most days it wouldn't be a big deal, but this is Cleaning Day. The only things that keeps Cleaning Day tolerable are podcasts loaded on my phone.  Instead, today, I was forced to keep company with my own thoughts.  Here is a sampling:

What is that smell?

How many children used the toilet before any attempt was made to flush?

Did we pack the plunger when we moved?

I shouldn't have bought chocolate when I ran to the store for a plunger.

Having kids has really given me a chance to practice my gag reflex.

Is every dish/spoon/cup/utensil I own dirty?

How creatively can I load the dishwasher to get them all in one load?

Who ate chips in the bathtub?

 What is that noise coming from the dryer?*

How many sunflower seeds could possibly be hidden in a pair of baseball pants?

What is the best way to get toothpaste out of carpet?

I concede, it will be a two dishwasher load day.

If I saved everything I swept off the floor, how long would it take to fill my entire bathtub?

 I wonder if my sister realizes her kid's shoes are here?

Better text her to let her know. Where is my cell phone?

You'd think I would've plugged it in when I first remembered it was dead.

Who took my charger AGAIN?!?

I really hate cleaning toilets.

Why am I feeling lightheaded? Oh yeah, all I've eaten today is that candy bar.

I think I can ignore the playroom closet one more week.

Redbox? Redbox?!? When did we last get a Redbox?

Is it worth keeping it one more night to watch since we already wasted $5 to see it?

Why does ~censored to prevent future embarrassment~ only have two pair of underwear in the wash this week?

The kids are already home from school? But I'm not done yet!

After that I am pretty much brain dead. Or maybe I've blocked the memory of what the kids did to the house after they got home.

Rest assured, I will not forget to plug in my cell phone before the next Cleaning Day. Alone with my thoughts is not a fun place to be when I'm cleaning.

*All things really happened today except this one, which happened last Monday. But I was still cleaning seeds up off the laundry room floor today.