Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stress free moving? (And pictures of the house)

I am moving.

You would think this would be stress inducing, but you forget that I am the sort of woman who can handle stress and glides through life without any trouble. After all, I am the same person who showed up at church dressed like this:

Remember that post? Good times.

Anyway, Peter and I have done everything we can to ensure our move across the continent is as stress-free as possible. That is why we decided to move in the middle of the school year. In fact, to ensure as little stress as possible, we will be arriving in our new hometown two days before Christmas.

We are geniuses.

I know, I know, you want me to plan your next move. I seem to be so good at it. Let me tell you, we must be allergic to adrenaline, the way we avoid stress at all costs.

That is why we decided, when moving two days before Christmas in the middle of the school year across the Northern portion of the country in winter snow season, to build a new house. And my husband is picking all the finishes.**

**You see, when I chose the place I wanted to live I sold my soul made a deal with my husband that he got to pick the house we lived in. For some of you that may mean agreeing to live in a shack, but for me it meant living in a golf course neighborhood and spending 50% more on a house. After Peter started talking about the finishes of his dream home, I decided he better chose them and leave me in the dark about the cost of the upgrades. Which would have worked, if I wasn't required to sign all the work order changes. So anyway, I know we have the same taste and he has picked great finishes so far, and so this hasn't added to the stress at all ...um, not really, but it makes me feel better to say it hasn't .**

To summarize:

  • I am moving into a house that my husband has chosen everything for and is still under construction a month from our move.

  • I have not seen said house since it was an undeveloped piece of land.

  • My life, it is like a calming stroll on the beach.

Did I mention that we will be living closer to family than we have lived in 12 years, since my oldest was a toddler? And that, to make it even easier, we are moving ourselves instead of using movers?

So, anyway...

I'm dealing with the stress really well.
  • As long as you ignore the eye twitching.

  • And the nightmares about living in a house that is just made of sticks.

  • Oh, and the 3 pounds of chocolate I'm eating everyday. It goes well with the 100 books a week I check out of the library to supplement the 100 I've bought.

  • Not to mention the fast food we're consuming at 50% of our meals.

See, I handle stress well. Twitch, twitch, twitch ....


Special thanks to my sister, who lives in town and takes pictures of my house so I have something to look at and calm myself when the stress gets to be a bit much.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Before I Begin Halloween Recovery

Unlike previous Halloweens, we went for easy this Halloween.

Even so, after making six costumes last week, my house is a wreck.

After splitting an entire warehouse size bag of candy with my husband last week (and having to replace it before Halloween trick-or-treaters came), my stomach is a wreck, too.

Finally, after getting my first cold of the season last week, my to-do list is also a wreck.

So I have a lot of reconstruction this week, I guess I'll see you later.

We all went for things from space this year. Originally I thought we could each choose a planet (since the loss of Pluto's status as a planet, there are eight of them), but the kids had other ideas. I let them go with their own choices. Yes, my kids were geeky to come up with these ideas on their own. Even Matthew. It does a mother proud.

From left to right:
  • A Comet (Elise-13) Elise made her own costume this year, which was really nice.
  • A Quasar (Ryan- 12) If you don't know what a quasar is, look here. Or see one here.
  • An Alien (Ethan- 9) The writing on the side of his control panel says
    "Earth Takeover Handled by Alien Nations"
  • An Astronaut, in pink (Kirsti- 8) Her writing says
    "Keep Intergalactic Rogue Spacemen Terrestrially Interdicted"
  • Jupiter (Joseph- 6) He wanted all 63 moons, but I couldn't figure out how to do it easily. We settles for the 4 Galilean ones, but 2 fell off at the Trunk-or-treat before we took the picture.
  • The Asteroid Belt (Matthew- 4) For some reason this has always been his favorite part of the Solar System. And yes, we have favorite Solar System parts in this household.