Sunday, February 24, 2008

Winter Vacation

As most of you know, my kids had all last week off at school. I thought I was going to go crazy, but it turned out to be not too bad. I thought I would give a quick synopsis of what we did. 1stly, can I say I kept thinking every day was Saturday and I could use my cell phone to call everyone.

Monday- we went grocery shopping (always fun with all the kids) and saw Spiderwick Chronicles at the movie theater. It was the first time Matthew sat through the whole movie without being taken out.

Tuesday- we had some friends come over. They have six kids the same sex and almost exactly the same age as mine. It was a loud and crazy house that day!

Wednesday- we dropped off the oldest 2 kids bikes off at the bike store to get tuned up for spring, went to the library (I know I swore I wouldn't go back till Matthew was 6 months older after he found the last pile of library books and consequently cost me $30 to replace the ones he ruined, but my Amazon tab was getting too high), and then went to get the boys boots for the Klondike camp out they were going to on Friday. They had such a deal going (60% off plus another 30%) that we got everyone snow boots.

Thursday- playground by our house and walking the beach (we finally had to leave because Matthew kept trying to walk into the ocean)

Friday- Lucky we bought snow boots because it snowed. A lot. Kids spent a lot of the day playing in the snow and the rest trying to warm up and drink hot chocolate. Peter and the boys skipped the Klondike camp out because it was starting to ice rain by the nighttime and that would have been miserable.

Saturday- Found a good hill at a park near by and sledded. Joseph was a sledding maniac! He took off on this plastic sled and never even hesitated. It was kind of steep, too! I have pictures and I will try to post them later in the week!

Anyway, overall it was a pretty good week. We had a lot of fun and I think I still have a little sanity left. Although I think I will be doing a little dance tomorrow after I drop the kids off at school!


  1. Congratulations on making it through that week. We have parent teacher conference coming up soon and that means Kaylee gets the week off and Trevor has half days all week. You will have to tell me how to do the good reads link that is cool.

  2. You had to have lost some weight with all that activity. I am tired just hearing about it. I don't know how to use the good reads link either that would be nice to know.

  3. Go into goodreads and go to "my books." On the top right is a line that says "tools: . . ." Click on widgets. it then shows you a spot to copy and paste. Just make a new page element (write in HTML) and paste it in!

  4. Alas mom, I didn't mention the cosmic brownies, hot chocolate, oatmeal cookies, smores, and McDonald's twice. Oh yeah, and left over Valentines candy. And maybe some ice cream.

  5. Thank goodness for those teachers right? They should get payed a babysitter's salary and a teaching salary and a little more just for kicks!
    Sounds like you guys had a fun week and kept busy. We miss you guys a lot!

  6. Sounds like a lot of work. I babysat 2 kids today and I must say, I don't know how anyone gets anything done when you have more than one kids running around the house!