Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Walk on the Wild Side?

Matthew's voice piped up from the back seat of the car this afternoon. Mom, guess what? I have a new precious game on the iPad. 

At first I thought this was type of game, like saying I have a new -withFriends game or I have a new Tower Defense game. But something about the word precious tickled my memory. Has he been using that word a lot lately?

Curiosity got to me, so I dove into my mother gut to see what I could find. I went past The Dishwasher Needs Loaded When I Get Home and took a left at Did I Remember To Sign That School Sheet?

A quick trip over Is It Time For THAT Talk Again? and around Do My Kids Have Enough Friends?

 Ah, I'm getting closer now. Stay away from that dark, shadowy  Am I A Good Enough Mother?, nothing good over there.

Hmm, maybe between The Kids Are Watching Too Much TV and The Kids Need To Be Better At Chores. Ah, there it is:

The intersection of Kid Speak and Mother Intuition.

Matthew, do you mean you have a new game you like to play best?

Yes, Mom. Like I said, a new precious game.

Thanks to Lord of the Rings, my child has confused the meaning of favorite and precious.

(I'm pretty sure there should be a spot in there called  My Child's Favorite- Precious?- Movie Is Lord of the Rings, but I've yet to find it!)



  1. I'm in the "do they have enough friends" place, a precarious, insecure perch.

    1. I'm actually there, too. Sometimes our kids struggles can break our hearts.

  2. That is awesome. We are constantly trying to figure out what Abraham is saying because he interprets words differently from the rest of the world!

  3. That is so precious. What was the game anyway?

  4. I'm still creeped out by that word cuz it makes me think of the creepy cartoon from when I was little. LOTF is no my precious movie.

  5. Precious!

    I love when they misuse words. It makes me smile. I am sure you smiled, too. :)

  6. haha. that is funny. i still can't picture matthew talking.