Friday, June 29, 2012

The Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Incident

Long ago, when our marriage could be measured in months easier than years, we were broke. Not in a wow this really needs fixed way, more like a can groceries be considered optional this week? way. Broke enough that fancy bagels, or even regular bagels for that matter, were a delicacy. My sweet new husband decided to treat me and picked up beautiful cinnamon raisin bagels after an early morning shift at UPS. Unfortunately I despise raisins; from the texture to the taste to the thought of poor grapes losing all their god-given moisture to become shriveled shells of themselves. Yuck!

They may actually be my least favorite food, but somehow the subject had yet to come up.

We've laughed about the cinnamon raisin bagel incident for years. It represented everything we still had to learn about each other and the surprises still left to find in our relationship.

Peter still likes to bring home small surprises for me. He often picks something up when he's out, although after the cinnamon raisin bagel incident, he buys things he already knows I like. Which is why he was struck last week when he passed a case of Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper. Knowing my preference for DDP and my love of vanilla flavoring, he immediately picked it up to surprise me. But there was a major flaw, however, as this gift was Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper.

You see, three days before I was messing around with my "about me" section on this very blog. Trying to be silly, I had started with the most trivial information I could think up about myself. This is what I'd written:

"The most important thing you could know about me is that I hate the taste of cherries. Not cherries themselves, just the taste of them as a flavoring. This is due to years of cherry flavored medicine, which eventually led to my association of the flavor with nastiness. "

His timing was perfect, it was the cinnamon bagel incident all over again.

(Although I found the vanilla flavoring mellows the cherry taste, allowing me to enjoy my treat. Still I couldn't get over the rather hilarious timing.)

Have you ever inadvertently given your loved ones a failure of a gift?



  1. I remember a time in high school when were doing a secret Santa with my friends. Not an hour before opening the gifts I was talking about how I didn't care for chocolate and that M&Ms weren't very good.
    My gift? A bag of M&Ms. Hope I didn't make the person giving the gift feel too bad (though candy *is* a pretty generic gift)

  2. Oh my gosh, that's the best two-stories-making-one-great-story ever! Nathan's never forgiven me for returning everything he bought me for the first birthday I celebrated after getting married. *sigh*

  3. That is funny. I hate cherry flavoring too. It would be the last flavor I would pick in candy or slush drinks or anything. Ken once had a girlfriend give him pajama pants for Christmas. She said she'd picked those particular ones because they'd look so good with his blue eyes, its undeniable that Ken's eyes are very very brown. Oops.

  4. Ah yes. I have a few stories like this of my own. Like how my husband always brought me KitKats, which I hate. He KNEW I love Twix, but he just couldn't ever remember.

  5. It's a running joke at my house that my gifts for the husband are almost always a bomb. Not "the bomb" but "a bomb" as in he smiles, says thank you, and then never uses them. Sad but true.

    The Damsel In Dis Dress @

  6. you guys are great, just remember it is the thought that counts

  7. I stand with you in your hatred of raisins...gross. And I hate grape flavored things. ick!

  8. My birthday is in December. When Mom was pregnant with me, she craved fruitcake. When I was a kid, she always made me a special cake because she felt sorry for me that my birthday was so close to Christmas. Since pies were her specialty -- not cake -- it sometimes took a couple of attempts. When I left home, she wanted to continue the cake tradition, but I moved 120 miles away. She began mailing me fruitcakes for my birthday every year. I despise fruitcake. After about 10 years, my sister finally clued her in that I don't like fruitcake, and I never got another birthday present from her. I think she was too afraid.
    Tudie Rose