Monday, December 3, 2007

Camara Lost!

I know I promised some pictures, but my camara is either really lost, or was stolen from my car (I suspect it was the latter). So sorry, no pictures for a while. Well, we have more stitches to report. All the kids were jumping onto a pile of pillows yesterday and Joseph jumped a little to hard and hit his head on a marble topped coffee table. Lets just say you could see some skull. Peter put in four stitches. Lots of fun!

Also, we made our first Christmas decorations (since all our stuff is in NC we are making everything this year). We bought $1 stockings and added chipboard letters and glitter glue. They turned out great. I would post a picture, but that is hard to do without a camara (in fact looking for it to take a picture of the stockings was how I found out it was missing). Counting my blessings, I had just uploaded all my photos so the only thing I lost was a picture of the kids starting at their new school (hence why the camara was in the car).

At first I was a little upset about not having any decorations, but blessed again, I think the kids may remember this year as one of the best because they are providing all the decorations themselves. We are getting the stuff to make gingerbread cookies for tree ornaments today.

Well, got to go- I smell a present Matthew just left for me. I'll try to get a diposable camara and scan some pictures in (unless one of the kids claims the huge ($3!) reward for finding the camara) Bye!


  1. hey, good luck with the camera (I have to think that you would be kind of glad to be able to get a new I right?) I got my blog up and going you should check it out!

  2. That is really too bad! I think you are right about the decorations...they will remember it as being fun.
    A new camera for Christmas???

  3. wow, I would freak out if I saw someone's skull.

  4. I am going to send you a replacement tomorrow! So keep your eye out!