Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas here. We have had a lot of firsts this year. Saturday, we put bought our first REAL Christmas tree. I keep forgetting to water it (having never done it before), so hopefully it last at least till Christmas. Also, due to all our decorations being in NC, we are handmaking everything. So far we have decorated our tree with bead and pipe cleaner candy canes & balls made out of Christmas paper cut in 8 circles and folded and glued a certian way. Today we made gingerbread cookies (another first) to decorate tomorrow and hang on the tree. We still have snowman ornaments to make out of craft foam and cutouts of trees, gingerbread men, santa hats, and whatever else we can think of to make with construction paper, markers, glitter, and glue. Lots of fun! (And Uncle Ken my kids have been playing with the extra pipe cleaners nonstop- you should see what they have made!) Hope everyone is enjoying the season as much as we are!
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  1. Wow, it sounds like a Christmas your kids are going to remember, making so many things. We miss you guys so so much and are sad we cannot see you this Christmas. As soon as I get you your camera (which will be soon) I wanna see your real tree. We cheated and bought a pine candle to burn, but wow does it smell good! Merry Christmas.