Friday, July 3, 2009

Too busy to really be called Summer Vacation

Our first full week of summer vacation is coming to a close and I have to admit, I am really enjoying myself. I've even enjoyed having the children around. We have been to the zoo, bowling, piano lessons, friends' houses & park. We have been on the water at least once every day and had company over to play twice, even though it was raining both days. I am a little tired. Today will be no different. We are tie dying T-shirts and cleaning out the garage. Even though we cleaned it out really well just a month ago, it smells like something crawled in there and did its business & I have to play the worst game of find-that-smell ever.

Anyway, I am in the middle of a haiku contest at Diapers and Divinity. If you'd like to vote, click over here. If you'd like to read my full haiku (it is cut down to 2 stanzas on the contest page)read the comments here. The contest ends tonight.

Summer is the time for playdates and friends visiting (especially if you live on a private beach). We love company, even drop-ins. I thought, in honor of the season and my impending find-that-smell game, I would repost my Kindred Mom Test. Look for it later today. I had so much fun doing it last year. In fact, it was so much fun writing last year that I think I might even make another test. If you have a kindred mom question, let me know and I will add it into the questions!

I hope your day is a little less smelly than mine!

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  1. I went over and voted for you the other day, did you win?