Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

There is something about autumn that wakes up the craftiness in me.  I may only use my sewing machine and glue gun for Halloween and Christmas, but it often totals the entire 3 months.  And then the craftiness in me hibernates another 9 months.  I always think I will keep it going; I do, after all, enjoy it, but it takes that long to recover from the late nights of those last months of the year.

This year we went with a more loosely held theme for Halloween.  We had everyone choose someone from history.  After Ethan chose an obscure Japanese ruler from a PS3 game called Civilization Revolution, we limited it to Western history.  I made a total of 5 tunics without a pattern.  I had no idea how easy they were. May need to figure out how to always use tunics in my costumes.

I made spider cookies and our traditional Dinner in a Pumpkin.  Peter and the kids carved a couple pumpkins.  But mostly I sewed, measured, glued, and painted.  Here is the breakdown:

Peter was Caesar.  I was particularly proud of his costume because I made it all without a pattern.  The laurel wreath took some thinking, but gold spray paint, hot glue, old fake leaves a I already had, and pipe cleaners did the trick.

I was Cleopatra.  A little but of a frumpy Cleo, but I can't complain.  Also made up the costume without a pattern. 

Elise was Amelia Earhart.  This costume was chosen before knowing about the movie.  Her costume was store bought and she has been wearing the jacket for over a week again.

Ryan was King Tut.  My sister helped me with ideas for the headpiece.  The snake was a rubber one that  I cut the head off and spray painted.

Ethan was Leif Ericson.  Another costume I made up completely.  The shield is a pizza pan and the helmet was a cheap plastic one I fancied up.

Kirsti was Queen Elizabeth.  When we went trick or treating, she was every one's favorite.  I bought the dress (I have made princess dresses before and knew what a pain they were), but added the white collar.  After looking all over town for a red wig, I gave up and spray painted a blond one.

Joseph was Abraham Lincoln.  His was the first pattern I used.  Couldn't think of another way to get the old fashioned coat.  The beard was left over of Ethan's cape and a cut up sock.  The hat was foam.

Matthew was Joseph and the multicolored coat.  Made up that one, too.  He hurt his leg a few days before Halloween and wouldn't put any weight on it.  So we carried him the near mile around the block.


  1. Your children are gorgeous! You are so amazing. I don't know how you keep on top of everything. Samara was going to be a ghost before I remembered she had an Indian costume. I love the photos and the collage!

  2. I love all of your costumes! So cool. When I grow up, I want to be a Halloween seamstress like you! :)

  3. Halloween perfection. Love it. I'll have to try the dinner in a pumpkin, looks fun and delicious!

  4. Charlotte, you are amazing!

  5. Once again, they turned out great. Your dinner in a pumpkin looks a lot like mine. I am taking this week off to recover my house from Halloween projects, then it is on to Christmas projects. Gotta keep going!

  6. The cutest family award goes to Charlotte and the Laters....makes this history teacher a bit weepy.

  7. Great costumes. They turned out great!

  8. I love those costumes! They are fantastic! Great job. I get a crafty side during the holidays, too, then put it aside. That's too bad about Matthew's leg. Were there many people out in your area? it was about every 4th house giving out candy in our temporary apartment area which is a nice part of town. Kind of sad door to door halloween is winding down. But glad there are other fun activities to go do that night still for kids.

  9. They turned out amazing!!! Great job.

  10. They turned out amazing!!! Great job.

  11. Your oldest looks just like you. Adorable girl!

    And oh my costumes. You go all out! I am so impressed. I just carve pumpkins and hit up WalMart for costumes. You are supermom.

  12. Thanks guys! To answer some questions:

    If I knew a history teacher was going to see, I would have tried for a little more historical accuracy ;)

    We have enough people in our neighborhood for my kids to get 4-5 lbs of candy (they weighed it). 4 houses gave out full sized candy bars! Not a lot of kids out, but lots of houses handing out candy.