Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mishaps, Mistakes, & Misadventures- Or How My Week Went

I scarred my hand.  Slightly over flipping my pumpkin rolls onto the waiting powder-sugared towel resulted in an unwelcome meeting between my skin and the cookie pan.  What was once perfectly fine skin (howbeit slightly older looking than I had realized) was instantly streaked with a 2nd degree burn.  A permanent one inch reminder of my favorite fall snack.

The next day I met a unhappy kindergartner at the door after school.  I had neglected to remind him his siblings were attending an after-school activity, making his bus ride a solitary one.  In my absentmindedness, he also walked home alone from the bus stop.  If he hadn't been upset, I can't guarantee I would have noticed he walked in alone and may have left the two other children stranded at the school.

Searching for a lunch, I pulled out left over soup.  It wasn't till I took the first bite that I calculated it had been left overlooked in the fridge a little too long.  First bite was last bite and my appetite was not left over to find an alternative meal choice.

I had a Frogger schedule for the kids on Saturday.  Hop here, move here, drop off here and then head backwards; I puzzled together a way to get two kids to birthday parties, and a couple other kids over to play with friends.  After dropping off my son at a party at the bowling alley, I found I had miswritten the ending time.  Frogger End of Game.  Unfortunately, I couldn't start over and repuzzle;  instead I begged an early drop off at the second child's party and made the 40 minute round trip in a mere 45 minutes, arriving to pick up the first with 5 minutes to spare.

Why 45 minutes?  While driving to the party, I missed the turn off the main road.  The turn to a house I go to almost twice a week.  It was the second regularly taken turn I had missed that day.  I turned into a museum parking lot to turn around, but unwittingly entered a long, one-way winding drive to reach the parking lot and exit.  As I waited to turn back onto the street, the woman in the neighboring car asked directions to a pretty main road (in fact, it was actually directions to the road that leads back to my house).  It wasn't until I myself turned that I realized the exit was on a different street than I thought.  I had sent the poor woman off perpendicularly from her desired destination.  She may have hit California by now.

I allowed my kids to cut up magazines, but accidentally handed them the pile I hadn't yet read.  I left the house three times with lip liner in place and lipstick neglected.  I grumbled all day when my daughter took my jacket to school, only to find it hanging on its hook (luckily 5 minutes before she got home).  I had to restart a Sudoku puzzle four times for silly mistakes.

I had a wonderful week.  We enjoyed a trip on a steam train and a riverboat ride.  Chili’s returned their 2 for 20 menu. I found a heavy GAP jacket in Ryan’s size at the consignment shop. And the material I needed to finish Peter’s costume was ½ off at JoAnn’s. But things were a little off.  Or perhaps I was just a little off.  Probably I was just distracted.  You see, every time I leave my house, this is what I see:

I apologize, I was about 2 days late to catch the most vivid reds.
This post is about a week two weeks past, but the pictures are from this week.
Just imagine the trees more beautiful than they appear here.


  1. I am soooo jealous of those gorgeous colors! Most trees here are gold or brown only :(

  2. I always end reading your post a little tired but always entertained. The trees really do make up for a lot, don't they? Darn this blasted stormy weather, just like that, the leaves are gone.
    I can't wait to see your costumes!

  3. It looks beautiful. I hate when I make stupid driving mistakes like that!!

  4. sounds like quite a week, I feel terrible about the distractions that you face out there, so I would like to offer you a solution....move here! It is perfect, we don't have that many trees for miles around, just imagine how much work and how efficient you could be here! What a good plan.

  5. Wow! THAT is outside your front door?! Why do you bother going anywhere. I would just sit gazing at the ocean all day with pumpkin rolls and cider to keep me warm.

    I love the pictures, though I got a little nervous to see "Getting on freeway" and "Going to piano lessons" on a winding road. Please tell me you weren't driving while snapping pictures. I guess we can all be grateful that your distractions didn't cause a car accident. ;o)

  6. Ever try Samurai Sudoku?

    I don't run the site, I'm just an enthusiastic fan. :)

  7. Well, as I read this post I thought- "Thank heavens it's not just ME who does things like that". Thanks for making me feel human and normal- and if not 'normal', well, at least in good company!

  8. And I thought Fall was beautiful here in Utah, it's absolutely incredible where you live. Color me jealous!

  9. What a week. I thought not being pregnant anymore removes "brain fog", but I guess it doesn't.
    Those pictures are very beautiful!

  10. Gorgeous! And I haved played kid/work/husband Frogger far more times than I would ever like to remember.

  11. Goldibug- Thanks. I love the fall foliage. I remember really missing it when I lived out west (I moved from the Ozarks to Utah).

    Emma Jo- I was really sad that the windy weather hit right as the leaved peaked so there weren't as many left on the trees to enjoy.

    Kim- I know. And I do it way too often. At least I wasn't pulled over like someone I'm married to was last week.

    Davis family- Low blow. You know I would love to take you up on that offer.

  12. Mary- That is all I did the first year. Just stay at home and enjoy the view. I pulled over to get the pictures. There is no such thing as non-windy roads here.

    Heather- Me, too. The reds didn't last very long this year. I was sad.

    FelixAndAva- I haven't, but the site looks cool. Adding it to my bookmarks (the harder the better is my sudoku philosophy).

    Cynthia- you're welcome. I love good company!

  13. Rae Lynne- Definitely different that Utah. It takes my breath away every time I go out.

    Ambrosia- I think my brain is on permanent strike for making it go through brain fog too many times!

    ucmama- Just imagining your family's schedule makes me think you must be an expert. Glad you killer semester is over, though.

  14. Those are beautiful distractions! I miss the fall so enjoy it for us. Hope this week has fewer of the m words. :)

  15. At least you have an excuse for distractedness - GORGEOUS color, by the wya - I think I'm just getting old. I was so busy getting my kids packed into the van that I left my umbrella stroller on the sidewalk and didn't realize it until a week later. Duh.

    And by the way, thanks a lot for mentioning pumpkin rolls. Your post made Eric realize I hadn't made him any yet this year. So, guess what I'm doing today?? I love them, too, though, so I guess I should actually be thanking you ...

  16. I can see why you are a little scatterbrained based on those photos! How gorgeous! You tell it all in a very funny way, though I'm sure it's a little frustrating while it's happening. But you seem to handle it in stride, which is great! =)

  17. Bikmans- But you have plenty of beautiful images to make up for missing fall. Makes me want to live oversees at least once in my life.

    Susan- I have lost no less than 3 umbrella strollers that way (or by running into them backing out of a parking space). Glad to remind people they have forgotten such a yummy treat!

    Gabby- Normally very frustrating, but for some reason this week I totally realized as it was happening that it was just kind of funny. Like I was stuck in the middle of a sitcom or something.