Friday, March 26, 2010

Where in the world is Charlotte today?

I'm in the blogosphere today, I'm just not at my place.  I'm visiting my friend Christine at Coffees and Commutes.  Click on over to read my guest post "It is harder, I just don't always notice" and then tell me what you think. 

Christine and I met on twitter and I saw her around, but one day we just clicked.  {I just realized in cyber world that has a double meaning.  I guess we clicked (over with our mice & hit it off).}  I've enjoyed her blog ever since.  She writes about her life as a mother of two who just returned to work.  She also writes about finding her place here in this life, and does so with grace and eloquence. 

Thanks for inviting me over, Christine!  Why don't you head on over and introduce yourself, too?

And yes, it's true just as you'll find way too often in my house and my head, today on my blog the lights are on but nobody's home!

I've turned off comments here so you can leave them there.  If you're dying to talk to me anyway, just send me off an email (see that "contact" tab up above?  That's what it's for.)

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