Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Learn the Truth about the Extent of Male Conversations

I was teasing my husband the other day for his choice in television stations. In a huge deviation from normal, he wasn't watching news, business, sports, or HGTV. (Don't tell him I included that last one!) Instead I kept finding the station turned to Current TV.

He explained that their Rotten Tomatoes Show is too entertaining to miss. "After all that's all men really  talk about when they get together is movies."

I, of course, balked. "All you ever talk about? Let's be real."

He insisted that the majority of male conversations revolve around laughing at movies, quoting movies, describing parts of movies, etc. He even, when I pointed out that they must talk about hot girls sometimes, counterpointed that they talked about hot girls from the movies.

I rolled my eyes and added this to the list of Things-That-Show-My-Husband-Is-Full-Of-It and continued on my day.

It was, after all, an eventful day. We were throwing Ryan's birthday party and, since he turned twelve and in keeping with tradition, he was having a friend party. Later that evening we found ourselves packed in the Suburban with seven boys, ranging from 9 to 14, headed to Monster Minigolf. Over pizza later in the party, I was discussing the dynamics of the boys (who all knew Ryan but didn't necessarily know each other) and how much easier it was than a group of girls in the same situation.

"I mean 20 minutes in the car there and 20 minutes back and all they did was tell Yo' Momma jokes* and quoted..."

{Que goofy I-told-you-so smile from husband}

"...oh, I see. You mean you weren't kidding with the whole extent of male conversations thing."


I hate it when he's right and I'm wrong.  It throws the world out of balance.

* First of all, there was a rule that anyone telling a Yo' Momma joke to Ryan would be thrown from the car while it was still moving.

* Secondly, yo' momma's so dumb she told a Yo' Momma joke to her son.  (That one is my personal favorite.)

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  1. I would unfortunately have to agree with your husband. I have been told by my husband that they even do the whole movie quote discussions during church meetings. Good to know they are so basic and easily entertained.

  2. This drives me crazy!

    I only spend my time talking about classy, educational stuff, like who Ali is going to pick on The Bachelorette.

  3. So funny! It cracks me up how different they are- even when they're just boys!

  4. Brave woman, packing all those boys into the Suburban :-)

  5. Movie talk was quite popular in high school and college, but now it's all book talk with my husband and his peers (yeah, I married a nerd....)

    Also... that was a great yo' mamma joke!

  6. That so funny... movies is the first thing my sisters and I usually end up talking about... after the kids, that is!

  7. Ha! I want to check out this show. I am so with you on the "world out of balance" thing. Except...I am never ever right. So. So. Sad.

  8. Growing up with SEVEN brother's-- I think I'd have to agree with your hubby;) Although my husband talks about Mixed Martial Arts which is LIVE so I am not sure if that counts.

    PS> How in the world do you get your comments emailed to your inbox?

  9. I've never thought about it before but dog dang! Your Hubs IS right! I hate that fact (on your behalf) but he is right nonetheless. We had a family reunion this past weekend. Many a movie line was quoted!

  10. Never admit defeat... or when you are wrong. Never show weakness. ;-)

  11. The world out of balance indeed! The nerve of the man, being right like that!

  12. You must not be married to a computer guy...
    Sometimes I wish they'd talk about movies, I smile and nod at a bunch of acronymns like ftp, SQL, VMWare, and a bunch of other nonsense that seems to make so much sense to Mr. Extraordinary and his friends...

  13. I've always wondered if everyone else silently groaned each time my hubby brought up another new movie for conversation. I guess now I know the mean at least appreciate the discussion going that direction. I suppose it's worth it on those occasions when the conversation ends with Kent doing the Pee Wee Herman Tequila dance.

    I didn't know Current was actually on TV. We followed Sarah Haskins' bits online last year. Check out her "Target Women" segments on their site if you haven't already. Very entertaining how she exposes marketers going after the female audience. I wish she were still around.

  14. I heard on NPR that a female human has more in common genetically with a female chimp than with a male human (and same with the males). I am convinced that wisdom begins when we realize that we are just way, way, way different in spite of similar appearances.