Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just a post until I can post for real

I didn't mean to leave you hanging, thinking I was recovering from Joseph being sick for all this time. I wasn't. I was recovering from Joseph being sick, me getting the same stomach bug, then Ethan, Kirsti, Ethan again, and Elise. And then a sinus infection for me which resulted in a 3 day long medicine-only-makes-me-barely-functional headache (which included items 7-11 below).

Oh, yeah, and
  1. Mom in town,
  2. Elise's birthday,
  3. Peter out of town (for #'s 4-8)
  4. school project for Ethan, Kirsti and Joseph,
  5. Young Women project for Elise,
  6. ward activity where I brought potato soup and homemade bread all dyed green
  7. subbing as Primary chorister (I didn't know it was called music leader?),
  8. taking kids alone to church on Daylight Savings Day after forgetting and letting them stay up late,
  9. elementary kids out of school for three days,
  10. pi day (one of my kids favorite holidays),
  11. parent/teacher conferences,
  12. and Ethan's pinewood derby.

But, you know, no big deal. I'll be recovered enough to post soon...



  1. So things have been calm and boring ? :)

  2. Wow! You put my busy days to shame. I'm impressed with how you keep on top of everything.

  3. I thought mom in town was a relief. You handled it with great style. Hope all is getting better now.

  4. I'm with Kristina, I thought this was all in a day's work for you guys. You really do handle stuff like this like no one else I know. I hope the craziness is behind you (at least for a little while!)

  5. On the bright side of things, your car didn't break down one single time? I added that question mark as an afterthought, you know, just in case...

  6. you know, if you wanted to, you could work a part-time job in there too, with all that spare time.

  7. I hate it when the sickness goes through the family! You have been busy!

  8. You act like you're busy or something. Whatever. (Kidding!) You poor thing! I hope we remember to celebrate Pi Day next year!

  9. It's amazing what normal illnesses will do to make the normally busy routine almost un-doable. Sorry that dragged on for you so long.

    I'm surprised that Pi Day is a recognized holiday. I thought it was just a cute tradition in the schools here that forced me to bake some pies, only to find out our school will only serve store-bought products. (Boo...)

  10. Goodness, I'm breathless for you!

  11. You need a bubble bath by candle light! LOL!