Thursday, March 3, 2011

Next time I'll just stay in bed and read all day.

I like Mondays. There I said it and you can think I'm nutty all you want. For me they are a new beginning; a chance to start things off right. One I get every single week!  Unless in the process you start the week out by ripping your favorite jeans, of course.

That being said, Tuesday could be considered my stereotypical dreaded Monday. It is shopping day, and recently became gym day, too. This week I met my goal on distance during my elliptical workout. It felt wonderful! And by wonderful, I mean I felt like my legs were going to fall off. Then I walked around the grocery store and took Matthew to lunch with his cousins and Grandma (who is in town watching some of his cousins).

As if that weren't exhausting enough, because, trust me, it was, I also finished my laundry and mopped my floors three times (in an attempt to find a system that didn't leave streaks on my floors and/or instant footprints afterwards).

And I cleaned my pantry. Emptied, wiped down, organized, and labeled. By that time I was really ready for the day to be over.

Then dinner and running my older half of children to church activities. Anyway, it wasn't until I got back home that I realized the slight headache and scratchy throat I'd felt all day was quickly descending into a full blown cold. I put the kids to bed and then took some Flonase for the building mucas, IBprofin for the headache and Melatonin for its- possibly placebo- sleep producing abilities. 'Cause I don't care why it works if it works and I figured that was the only way I was going to sleep when I felt so awful.

On my way up the stairs to bed, exhausted and drugged, I thought I heard the washing machine over flowing. As I ran the rest of the way, I realized the sound was coming not from the laundry room, but from the hall where Joseph was stumbling around half-asleep.

Was he walking through celaphane, my denial asked? The hallway light quickly dissipated those hopes. He was christening our new carpet with his stomach contents.

After my husband and I cleaned him and the floor up we went to tuck him and a barf bowl into bed. There we realized we'd only found the secondary explosion, his bedroom received the initial shock. So did several toys and clothes. More cleaning up. Joy.

Another load of laundry and I was finally able to stumble to bed myself.

 Wednesday was a needed Tuesday-recovery day, but...

  •  my cold hit full force,
  •  I found out the laundry I tossed in half asleep somehow contained a bottle of nail polish,
  •  and, in his own words, Joseph "farted throw up." 
  • I cleaned it up.
At least I found, after another 3 mopping attempts, that Windex works best on my wood floors. And Peter bought Joseph and me Powerade with an additional dose of Peanut Butter M&M's for me. Also by nightfall Joseph was well enough for us to grab some Mexican food for dinner.

Still, I think next Tuesday I'll just stay in bed and read all day.



  1. I hate sick weeks, and especially throwing up sick weeks! Yikes! We had about 3 weeks in January of at least someone throwing up in the house. My house work still hasn't caught up!

    Hope your next Monday is better!

  2. How can you make such a rotten awful barf filled day still sound so entertaining? That is true talent my friend. Windex, Hm. I will try that if I ever decide to mop my 35 year old wood floor.

  3. I almost peed my pants at "farted throw up"!

  4. I love your cabinet organization! I want to copy it. We had hardwood floors a few years ago in a different house and the streaks got to me, too. That and having to constantly sweep. They are beautiful but there are drawbacks I suppose.
    Shopping days are work days in my opinion. Well, as a mom they are all work days, but I feel ya on that one.
    I'm glad you are getting settled in and how cool is that to have some relatives around to visit and have the kids around their cousins! That's very nice!

  5. I call for a do-over!!! next week - no barf :)

  6. I will pick Monday over Tuesday any time. hands down.

    Sorry for the sickness.

  7. I'm all for the do-over next week too. I hate vomit, though nail polish in the wash might trump it this go 'round. Hope you feel better soon! Eat some peanut butter M&M's for me!


    Glad things are looking a tad bit better;)

  9. That really is a bad Tuesday.

  10. Alright, I'm going to be slightly unsympathetic and ignore the terrible things and ask you where you got your containers for the pantry. Those are AWESOME!

  11. I am so jealous of your pantry and maybe even more so of your containers. It makes me want to redo my pantry. I wish my kids would get sick so I could stay home and redo my pantry.....ok, maybe that was one step to far.

  12. I am so sorry that your day was so terrible, but the "farted throw up" line made me laugh so hard, I cannot even stand it! I'm still laughing. I, apparently, am six years old and find fart humor hilarious.

  13. That is ROUGH! But look at how organized your pantry is though! That's gotta make it all better.... right?
    (I hope you're all feeling better soon!)

  14. Oh my. We've had strep for the past two weeks or so, and I thought that was bad. But I forgot how much I hate throw up. The all over the carpet kind, or the farting kind. (That's hysterical, by the way!)

  15. So so sorry about your horrible day, but thanks for making me smile. :)

    Oh, and I am very jealous of all your organized pantry containers!

  16. Sounds like you all have been having as lovely as a week as we have. Although, I LOVE your pantry containers, so organized are you! :)

  17. Personally, I loved the line about Joseph christening your new carpet. Why is it that new fabric of any kind must quickly be broken in with barf? (One week after we got new couches, my youngest puked on one of them...and it hasn't happened since in two years.) At least your little guy is almost old enough to make it to the toilet first next time.

    Your organized containers made me chuckle, too. I can assume to know why the chocolate chips are running so low, but I'm curious about the wheat flour. ;o)

  18. Holy Crap Ethan and Joseph look so much alike in that picture!! Crazy! Joseph has some really funny sayings up his sleeve :) Throw up sucks! I can only imagine how bad it sucks on brand new carpet! Hope everyone is better and you're enjoying Mom's visit.

  19. My goodness woman. What a day.

    Hope you're well on the way to recovered!

  20. Aawwwww...!! I'm feeling for you. We just recently hosted a Pukeapalooza event, and, well, you just tell a better puke story. My midwife once told me "If you still have your sense of humor, you don't need painkillers yet..."

    Hoping your next Tuesday goes much better!

    ali @ an ordinary mom