Saturday, January 14, 2012

Insanity is the new Settled Down

There are a million things I'm going to do when life settles down. Two weeks into the new year, I reluctantly faced the reality that this is as settled as life is going to get. Insanity is the new Settled Down.

I came to this conclusion in the middle of Costco. With all six kids in tow. At dinnertime.

Two pairs of glasses needed picked up (Kirsti and Ryan) and two different prescriptions for glasses needed dropped off (Elise and me); or in other words I was exchanging my bank account for half the family's proper eye sight. The first 3 days of the week had failed to provide any opportunity for the trip. Or, in more honest terms, I was able to find ample procrastination fodder. You see both teenagers had to be with me: one for fitting the glasses and the other for choosing the frames. Since Peter worked evenings all week, I had an all-or-nothing choice for bringing the kids. I chose"nothing" for as long as possible, but guilt finally made me go with "all."

Hotdogs and churros was the promised reward for good behavior, or at least better than devilish behavior. "If you don't stop wrestling across the optical center floor you're not getting Costco hotdogs.". It was also the bribe for making the kids wait all week to get their new glasses. "I know we need to go, but if you just wait until Thursday there'll be a Costco hotdog in it for you." It was also an excuse to not make dinner. What? I meant I LOVE making a huge mess in the kitchen everyday so at least one kid can complain about the menu. It makes my life worth living. Buying mystery meat and smothering it in ketchup was a sacrifice on my part. No, really.

So anyway, we can all see again, I've begrudgingly embraced reality again, I've found insanity suits me again and Costco didn't even revoke my membership. Just another day in my nice, settled life.



  1. LeAnn Tucker1/15/12, 4:54 AM

    Where are the pictures of the new glasses? Glad things are getting back to Normal? Miss you guys, thanks again for the trip.

  2. Whitney Whiting1/15/12, 12:47 PM

    I have missed your blog! Yay for insanity-erm.... life. It provides so much relief to hear that other Emergency Med. Families are making it work. Thanks!!

  3. Kim Carlile1/15/12, 4:49 PM

    Mmmmm. Costco hot dogs. My kids beg for them. It doesn't help that I somehow always end up with the $1.35 cup of frozen yogurt too. I mean, who can resist that?

  4. Love Costco hotdogs! Never want to see what is actually in them... I can't resist myself a churro either. Happy you are blogging again!

  5. Hey, I'm all for insanity if it brings your blog posts back. Also, it helps me feel a little more normal as I'm living my own version of five-child-induced insanity!

  6. Melanie Jacobson1/16/12, 9:06 PM

    This was exactly my trip to Costco today, including the optical shop, only with half as many kids. You are a brave woman.

  7. You poor thing! Thanks for the laugh. I guess I should tell you that someday you'll miss the insanity -- but I'm not there yet. I've only been an empty nester for 4 months. :)