Monday, January 23, 2012

A Snow Day or Three

I am a creature of routine. Unexpected changes make me a grouchy, grouchy Mom. But there is something magical about snow days. Even though plans fly out the window, there still lingers my childhood excitement of SNOW DAYS and CANCELLED SCHOOL. Even though it goes against every part of my personality, I love, LOVE, LOVE snow days.

This year I was lucky; Peter had the whole week off, so we hibernated together. We braved the roads several times to keep a supply of Redbox on hand.

Can you tell how much I LOVE being cold. I would have covered my eyes, too, if they weren't required for walking without falling down.

We found a great hill for sledding. Despite what it looks like, Joseph had a blast.

Matthew learned that when we tell him to wear a scarf, he probably should. Never fear, I shared mine until he decided it was too hard to walk in. (Don't ask me, I don't know why a scarf made it hard to walk, either.)

After sledding and our second bout of driveway shoveling, we went out for lunch and hot chocolate. We kept thinking the roads would get better as we moved towards busier ones, but apparently our new home town doesn't do a great job with snow plowing. In fact, none of the roads looked like they'd been plowed at all! Even the freeways. I'm glad our new Suburban has 4-wheel drive. Still, we kept driving to our destination. After all, we needed to change things up so we could exactly what we were doing at home.

Then there is the daylong pause where we did nothing and have no pictures to prove it. Well Ryan went to an overnight scout camp, Peter took the kids sledding again, and I went to a GNO, but other than that, NOTHING.

When the roads finally started to melt, we let the kids get out some pent up energy at the local skating rink.

And nothing finishes off snow days like Blizzards from DQ.

The temperature has risen, the snowy roads have melted, and we are all back on routine- or we will be, starting tomorrow. The kids had today off for semester break, even though school was cancelled during finals and the semester is now extended two days. Now I need to dig out of some major housework; hibernation is a messy thing when you have six kids!

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  1. Hooray for snow days! We got one last week, and I really think they should have called today, too, but we are supposed to be tough up here I guess. :) I'm glad you got some sledding are brave! I prefer to sit inside and be warm.

  2. Looks like a great time! Snow days are rare around here- especially this year. I'm glad you're giving your kids awesome snow day memories. So fun to pass this stuff on!

  3. Love snow days, love roller skating and Blizzards from DQ. Snowy roads and the cold? Not so much.

  4. LeAnn Tucker1/24/12, 9:28 AM

    Now that just sounds like fun. Glad you had a good time.

  5. That Matthew could be a model! Snow days are fun days!

  6. Looks like you had a great day. Glad Peter was off and y'all could relax. I love the picture of him and all 6 kids in a row on the couch. Good for you for doing lots of fun-filled family things: sledding, roller skating, eating out, blizzards. They'll remember it forever! We've hardly had a cold day here all winter. Today was upper 60's. Greenville is talking about using the snow removal budget for something else since we're obviously not getting snow this year.

  7. Growing up in Pasco, snow days were rare and loved! Glad you had fun.

  8. Kim Carlile1/26/12, 7:45 AM

    We have yet to come even close to snow this year. In fact, this week it hit 70 once. Poor Abraham thought Santa wasn't going to come on Christmas Eve because there was no snow! It was really cute. I'm glad you enjoyed your days. I think I'll go have some hot chocolate just for memories sake.

  9. Carriestroud1/26/12, 4:07 PM

    I am really loving your frequency of blog post as of late! Snow days really ARE the best. So funny-- because when I was growing up I have a memory of eating homemade ice cream sandwiches on snow days (homemade choc chip cookies with vanilla ice cream)-- so when it was snowing like crazy and it was too dangerous to drive here, we trekked to the grocery store so I could get some ice cream to make them.

  10. Living in Sacramento, my kids didn't get snow days, but I sure remember them from my childhood in Reno. :)

  11. I'm looking at the snow accumulation in those photos and thinking, "THAT'S a snow day? Pshaw! I mean, you can see the grass under the snow on the sledding hill!" I'll admit, though, it looks like you had more snow than we've had all season.

    I'm glad to see Elise and Ethan showing their Cougar pride!