Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Happy Birthday

This is me  messing around before the baseball games. Do I look a year older?

I pre-celebrated my birthday, or so I thought. My presents were presented several weeks previous; I loved them all (a beautiful necklace and earrings from Peter and an awesome homemade totebag from my parents). I expected a cake, maybe a nice dinner, and that was it.

So the day started with (surprise) baseball. A double header. But the fields are down the street from Costa Vita, so I survived. Ethan survived a pitch right in the chest, too. And Peter survived no sleep after a night shift with only nominal zombie like appearance.

But on the way home from the games, Peter surprised me by telling me I had 15 minutes to pack an overnight bag. My sister came to watch the kids  (Thanks Brenda and Bryan!) and we headed out to a surprise location. It was interesting because I was driving (see the zombie comment above), but didn't know where I was going. I was given an exit number (2.5 hours away) and after reaching it,  Peter woke up to navigate me to the hotel. He had booked hotel with a spa and booked a mani/pedi for me. After I left the spa, I headed to the room where we ate room service and watched BYU give up two chances for a miracle play. The next morning I had a Peter-booked hour long massage and then we headed home. 

(you know it is a fancy hotel when they're advertising for Lexus test drives at the entrance. See picture above)

A most wonderfully wonderful fantastic overnight trip made even better by my complete lack of expectations. Peter knocked it out of the park! 

After the weekend he even made me a cake and dinner and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards. It was AWESOME.
The only problem is Peter is turning 40 this year and he has (obviously) set the bar a teeny bit high...

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  1. That is SUPER fabulous! What a wonderful birthday surprise! (And I love that Costa Vida isn't far fro m the fields--best thing ever.)

  2. Ah, I am totally distracted by massage, and room service. Lovely! Maybe I should have Clark read this post...

  3. What a delightful birthday sur-prize! And my sympathies go out to you on the shopping for a husband on his birthday. At my house ideas are few and far between, and he usually just buys what he wants for himself anyway. Good luck!!

  4. So glad he did something special, you deserved it. Way to go Peter.

  5. Can Peter plan my next birthday??? Sounds awesome. Happy Birthday.

  6. Your birthday is September 18th? So is my husband's!

  7. I seem to recall Peter being born in February, right? 3rd? 2nd?