Friday, December 4, 2009

Spontaneous Dancing

It is completely normal to break out into spontaneous dancing, right?  I was going to cut down the video into smaller clips, but I figured some of my friends and family might enjoy the entire 2.5 minutes.  A  few notes:

  • Elise was once grounded from her ipod and I begged Peter (who had done the grounding) to finally give it back because repeats of songs like this were making me crazy.
  • Last time my sister was here, her husband concocted a plan that involved running around the beach on New Year's Eve in boxer shorts.  Took video of Peter and him doing it, but Peter didn't want me to post it.  So I didn't.  May not have told him about this video.
  • This was during Thanksgiving break.  I had 6 adults and 10 children in my home (although at the time one sister and family had already left to go home), so judge kindly the state of the kitchen.
  • Don't ask about the kitchen cupboard doors, it is a sore spot and one of the joys of renting.
  • Don't ask about the decorating, either, as I am reluctant to spend too much money decorating a space unique to a rental (first person to point out we may live here longer than any other house our married life will get their pinky toes broken).
  • Yes, my sister really is that skinny with 2 babies the age of my youngest or younger, and yes, I am behind the camera the entire time so you can't compare our stomach sizes (or dancing ability).


  1. I had to post an addition to your post on my blog!

  2. That was great. Your kids look so much more grown up than when I last saw them. Wow that looked fun.

  3. Go Kirsti and Elise!...and Joseph? (I can't tell your youngest two apart very well.) Nice moves! Way to work off some Thanksgiving calories.

  4. Posting on your blog...fine. Posting on Youtube.... :( You know all the paparazzi has been waiting for a video like this of me to come out....

  5. LOL I love it. My families spontaneous dancing never looks that good. Maybe we just need more people there?

  6. I'm so glad you posted the full-length video; it literally made my day. I will be sharing this with Ray solely for the fact that he and Peter dance EXACTLY the same way. Little scary actually.

    Now headed to iTunes to download that song...

  7. I absolutely LOVE this video.
    That is all.