Monday, January 18, 2010

Reality Golf TV, Clean Houses, and Random Post

The other day I was thinking that golf couldn't get any more exciting.  After all what isn't exciting about hours of watching oddly dressed men hit little white balls over and over and over?   Of course there was that huge scandal recently, but I don't see any foreseeable way to incorporate that into the actual game, despite the ready made jokes it provided.  It was, however, more exciting than 10 years of watching golf.  But the game itself was still missing that little something...

And today my husband found the missing link.  Reality TV.  Did you know there was a golfing reality TV show?  Oh yes.  They compete to participate in a PGA tournament.  Because anticipation building music and strategically placed dramatic pauses for advertising suddenly makes golf interesting.  (They even use the whispered commentary for an authentic feel)

I don't know what I was thinking when I let my husband get the golf channel.

Of course, he spent his day off cleaning, so I really can't complain.  Maybe he saw my pitiful score on the housekeeping blog I keep with my sisters.  Perhaps he really liked the homemade blueberry muffins I baked for breakfast.  Pretty good chance he realized the puzzles on the floor weren't going anywhere anytime soon unless he took action.  I'm thinking the deciding factor was when he realized I was about to explode and decided helping me today was better than cleaning up Charlotte pieces from off the ceiling.  He even "encouraged" the kids to help.  My house is cleaner than it's been since ... since ... since the last time he took pity on me.

Why was I nearing spontaneous explosion? Because this is the last day of a four day weekend.   In the middle of winter.  And I lost my voice last Thursday so the entire time our kids could truthfully claim they "didn't hear me tell them to pick that toy up."  The four day weekend didn't do any favors to my already messy house, either. 

Due to today's day off, tomorrow will feel like Monday.   Which gives me a 50% chance I will miss any appointments this week, thinking I am living a day earlier than reality.  I apologize in advance. I would claim it was cruel and unusual punishment, but (1) it means Friday will come when I still think it should be Thursday, (2) I have a DVR so I won't miss any regular TV shows (if this golf one shows up in our to-record list, it may accidentally get deleted.  It is all I can do not to delete the real games' recordings.), and (3) I think I'm living in the wrong day of the week at least twice a month, even without Mondays off.

Anyway, to celebrate our clean house (and keep it clean longer) we took the kids out to eat at a newly opened restaurant.  Want to know what is worse than a disappointing meal?  Paying over $100 to eat it.  Did I mention that 3 of my kids now order off the adult menu?  Although I always love the look of panic when I tell a hostess we are a party of 2 adults and 6 children.  Never gets old.  By the way, what possesses a 5 year old to want a hot dog, a $4.00 hot dog, whenever we go out to eat?  We have hot dogs at home!

We got home just in time to put the kids to bed.  I am enjoying my clean house by ridiculing my dear husband who worked to get it that way.  I am going to repent, beg him to change the channel, and give him a foot rub. 


  1. I hate how much they charge for hot dogs. Then they always come out with these pathetic generic walmart brand dogs that suck anyway. I ordered dogs once, but never again.

  2. Every time we take the whole family out to eat I can't think too much about the bill or I realize that it was a week's worth of groceries. But I do love the not-cooking part of it.

    And YAY for having a helpful husband!

  3. Dad got up and cleaned the house for me today too. Wow I love their days off. Glad Peter helped and you have a clean house to start tomorrow. Love eating out but not paying the bill.

  4. Charlotte, Okay, that was like 6 blog posts in one - hilarious!

    Yes, the kids age out of the kiddie menu yet they still somehow want to do the puzzles, right? And the week being off by one day - I know, I'm not smart enough to keep track of a mixed up week either!

    Congratulations on the clean house. Did it last long?

  5. At this point my two kids split a kids meal so it is not too bad eating out. Although last time we got them each their own meal they actually ate it all so we might have to start getting them their own meals more often.
    My husband did not have the day off. He was working because the external auditors decided they needed their reports about a week early. Who knew being married to an accountant would mean so many late nights, weekends and holidays being worked.

  6. I never know what day it is. They all seem to slur together. I am so grateful for Google Calendar.

    $100 to go out to eat?!? Oh my goodness.I guess that will be my reality soon enough.

  7. My husband watches that same stinkin' golf reality show too! Can't tell you how much my skin crawls when I turn on the tv and it's on the golf channel. Would much rather see the cartoon network pop on than the golf channel! Boo! Hiss!

    Nice husband, though. I love when they do that! Unfortunately, mine didn't have the day off. So, I did a deep cleaning on my own and I didn't shower the whole day. Sorry, that's probably too much information. ;)

  8. Eating out is probably one of my worst guilty pleasures. My hubby and I have significantly cut back on it since we bought a house last year, but I still cringe when we go out with friends once a month. Even when our bill's less than $15 each, I think about how I can get more than week's grocery's for that for the 2 of us with coupons and sales!
    And it's really hard because our friends/coworkers are always eating out! I don't know how they afford it!

  9. I am so glad we got out of the habit of eating out! We still do it on occasion, but most of the time when we think about going out (unless it's a date) I think how much I'd rather pay half and make it myself. And I am so glad my kids can't read yet, because I just conveniently "forget" to tell them about the $5 Kraft Mac'n'Cheese I know they'd choose.

    Barlow had the day off school, but alas, not off work or church responsibilities. I think I might have seen him to say "good morning" and "goodnight".

  10. Ken didn't have the day off either. He was quite helpful with dishes when I was sick though.
    I hate watching most sports on TV, but golf must be the worst. You poor woman. We still don't order anything for Abraham when we go out. We are bad parents, or maybe just ubercheap.

  11. Glad you got some help with the house. It's just the beginning of the week, but I can't wait for Friday already so I hope it gets here when it's only Thursday.

  12. Okay, I read the bottom two-thirds of your post with my jaw on my laptop because I couldn't get over the simple fact of a golf reality show. For real? What's next? But I guess if there's a whole channel devoted to golf, why not a reality show to go with it?

  13. My Husband went on strike over the weekend. He finally realized that although I COULD have the house totally clean going into the weekend, I choose not to. He is a neatnik and even if it were totally clean to my standards, he'd still want to spend the whole day Saturday cleaning. Gah! He NEVER wants to just have fun. Good thing he has me or his life would be WAAAYYYY boring.

  14. I feel the same way when we go out and they want mac and cheese for $4. Seriously??

  15. Gordon- That and mac and cheese. The price is painful!

    Kazzy- I know. It nearly is a week worth of groceries. We were going too often and have tried to cut back to about once a month to save our wallet.

    Mom- Dad cleaned the house? Are you sure your migraine didn't induce visions? Just kidding! Go Dad!

    Linda- My three year old is doing his best to recreate a puzzle mess right now. Clean houses never last too long, but it has stayed manageable this week.

  16. Jeanette- I remember when we could split kid's meals. I still do with the youngest sometimes. It is a sad day when they want their own meal and a sadder one when it is the adult meals. Fast food and sit down restaurants!

    I've gotten lucky. My husband's work offers time and half for holidays so there are several people willing to work and he has had a lot of them off this last year.

    Ambrosia- Before my kids started school I would have no idea. In the summer I still get off a lot.

    Alyson- I know the golf channel is just weird. How much excitement can there be for an entire channel? But I guess it has an audience of at least two!

    I love to take a day now and then and deep clean all day then wash all the accumulated dirt off myself later in the night.

    aletterfromhome- We never ate out until the last few years when our income came up. I love it (mostly because I don't enjoy cooking or cleanup). I always wondered how our friends in school afforded it, we were on a tight budget back then. Even buying ice cream was a huge treat.

  17. Andrea- My older kids didn't even know Happy Meals existed when they were little. They wouldn't have known what a restaurant looked like inside. We rarely (like once a year) went before they could read. My younger kids, however, have memorized Chili's menu.

    Kim- You're time not ordering for him are going to end soon. Glad you had the help, even if it did pull you ahead of me in points for the week.

    Davis Family- It is Friday and I tell you it seems like it just snuck up on me. That is the good thing about 4 day weeks.

  18. Kristen- I know, I was surprised. I thought it was awful, too, but my husband watched it.

    Cynthia- We have different standards, too, and I have tried to tell him for years that the level he wants is not going to happen until the kids get older. My husband is most likely to clean when I am already doing it, if I am sitting on the computer, I have no chance for help.

    Jamie- Sometimes we won't let them (because that is just painful!) but other times it isn't worth the fight. I love when they don't even eat what they ordered. Grrr!