Monday, January 11, 2010

Yes, I Really AM That Weird. Thanks For Asking.

Many mornings I try to convince myself that 5 more minutes of sleep will make the difference between a perfect day and a day in the life of grouchzilla.  So I hit snooze, but since I can't actually get back to sleep, I use my half conscious brain power to develop the best blog ideas ever.  I'm thinking most of the really good ideas are in the half I routinely forget before waking, because the ones I do remember don't usually look so good when fully awake.

Anyway, the other morning I was thinking some of my strange quirks might be fun to share with the entire world.  I not only (generally) remembered the the quirks later in the day, but it still sounded like a good idea.  Then Christine from Thoughts of a Lite Mocha Mom awarded me a Kreative Blogger Award.  The acceptance of which involves telling you things you may not know about me.

Convergence of half formed thoughts and opportunity can only lead to success, right (especially if it involves randomness, my regular state of mind)?  I enjoyed Christine's post, and am flattered she wanted to learn more about me.

So, are you dying to know all the deep secrets of my life?  Here goes:

I am a conversation jumper.  I think it perfectly normal to go from "Did you hear about that new species of birds in Britain?"  to "I prefer chocolate pie over banana." without any inbetween sentences.  The worst part is that in my head I've made the 1000 steps to connect the two ideas and have no idea the leap of sense everyone else has to make.

My husband finds this quite humorous and sometimes asks me to play connect the dots and explain the logic jump.  I married him because he was the first person who could follow an extended conversation with me.  Also, he was cute.

On a related note, I begin conversations from time to time with "What do you think about that?"  and end conversations mid-sentence, getting so distracted trying to find the right word that I enter a whole new thought process.

I have an unusual love for commas and, despite what it may look like, always take many out before I post.  Commas are not my favorite punctuation, though; I love semicolons best.

I have an unusual fear of looking like a tourist.  This really makes taking pictures on vacation as a . . . tourist . . . quite difficult and is why I have no pictures of my trip in September into New York to see Wicked.  I'm not sure, but I think this came from living in central Pennsylvania and feeling bad when the tourists would gawk over the Amish (not to mention downplaying my own desire to do the same). 

For Christmas I asked for and received a Shark Steam Mop and a king sized electric blanket.  I love these new toys way more than any self respecting 33 year old woman should.

For a long time I thought that Jack Nicholas was a famous actor who also played professional golf.  This speaks volumes to my (lack of) pop culture savviness.

My husband owns more shoes than I do.  He is also more likely to come home with a new outfit.  I am the frugal one and he is the spender.  So when women complain about their husbands stingy budgets, I daydream about what our life could be like.  You know, tiny house eating rice and beans in perpetuity.  Sounds lovely, right? (By "our life" I mean my husband as a penny pincher and mine not "our life" as the friend's husband and mine, that would just be creepy.)

Do you ever wake up in the morning and are surprised when you open your eyes because you are not laying in the position you thought you were (like you thought you facing the edge of the bed but were really on the opposite side)?  When I wake up that way, I shut my eyes and try to trick my proprioception into thinking it again.  That's right I try to talk my body into thinking I'm in a different spot on the bed than I know actually am.

And those are seven things you probably didn't know about me and might rather you didn't know now.  I also have a bizarre phobia about asking people to do things, a sort of fear of rejection (Bonus!  You get 8 things about me).  So if you'd like to take the chance to tell people about yourself, go ahead.  If you want to help make me feel less weird, but hate memes, you can tell me some odd fact about yourself in the comments.  If you do a post, I'll link to you.  Here are the rules:

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  1. Thanks for the hilarious look into your psyche. I particularly like #5, because I also had the same misconception (and honestly now still couldn't tell you which one is the golfer and which one is the actor), and because I have another one: Woodrow Wilson and Wilford Woodruf are permanently confused in my mind - when we lived in DC, I would never give people directions via the Woodrow Wilson Bridge because I was afraid to look like an idiot when I called it the wrong name.

  2. Um....something strange about me?

    I can't smell skunk. But if I walk into a room where a mother has been nursing her baby.....THAT I can smell. And yuck.

    Although I totally think breast feeding is awesome.

  3. Oh my. I am far more jealous of your Shark Steam Mop than any grown woman should be. My blog is the most embarrassing thing about me. ;-P

  4. Too funny! I though the one about jack Nicholson was hysterical!

  5. That was a weird blog. I think you are way more normal squirrel!! You carry on quite a normal conversation.

  6. You know Charlotte, it's why I think I like you so much. You are seemingly normal on the outside, but truly bizarre (and therefore quite normal afterall on the inside.) And I continue to find eery similarities between us...we INFP's have to stick together right? That's what we are, aren't we? I think I spelled eery's quite late. Does my comment make any sense at all?

  7. Charlotte, I'm sure you gave us nine items because you started off your post with that really funny bit about laying in bed and making up blog posts! I'm always laying around somewhere thinking of blog posts too. And they always sound so amazing when I think of them, so I write down a one word trigger so I'll remember it, and then look at it later and it's the word "sky" or something. And I draw a blank. Brilliant.

  8. Does that Shark Mop really work as well as it says? Because I think I've found my new appliance crush. And Ricky has waaaaaay more shoes and outfits than me.

  9. I have the same problem with conversations, especially during book club meetings when I'm trying to figure out some metaphor.
    I love punctuation!!! (Did you ever read Eats Shoots and Leaves?)

    I'm coveting your steam mop. Does it really work? Have you noticed a huge difference? Is it easier?

  10. I am SO stinking jealous of your steam mop. That rocks. I did get a pressure cooker though, so that was exciting. I also, think you are quite normal, but maybe because we are sisters we have the same quirks.

  11. First off....5 minutes does make a big difference, so imagine the luxury that I alarm clock gives me a 10 minute snooze! Amazing huh, that is why I have so many good ideas all the time.

  12. I too am a conversation jumper. I thought I was the only one. It seems as my DH is the only one that can keep track of me too!

    So it seems as if we're all a little wacky in our own special way.

  13. Claudia- I have never confused those two, but now that you've pointed it out I probably always will now!

    Parker Mama- I wish I couldn't smell skunk, there are some in our neighborhood that spray every night in the summer. Glad I can't smell nursing babies, though.

    Steph- due to my awesome cleaning skills I've only used it 4 times, but I like it (especially in the bathrooms with its own special mop head). I love your blog.

    Dreamer- My husband was also pretty entertained when I asked him how an actor ended up golfing so well.

  14. Tucker Mom- Of course it would sound normal to my family, we all talk that way!

    Emma Jo- perfect sense, but I am the wrong person to ask. I like to trick people into thinking I'm normal until it is too late. Of course once I open my mouth, it is hard to hide! I love that we have the same bizarre personality type.

    Linda- I do that too! I look at the list I made and have no idea what I meant. But I remember I thought it was a great idea.

    Kimberly- I've only used it a few tines but have loved it so far. My favorite is that it has a separate triangle mop head for the bathroom so I never use that part in the rest of the house. Plus cleaning with no soap and flipping the head over half way and keep mopping.

  15. Jamie- I read that book last year because I remembered you said you liked it. Excellent book! I miss my PA book club. I like the mop, it works better than what I was using- no more pushing around dirt.

    Kim- Yeah, our family has a different standard for normal. Don't forget, you also got a new bed from Santa, so he doesn't love me too much more.

    Davis family- I just got an alarm clock that gives me 10 minutes more with every push so I can stay an extra 30 if I want. I bought it solely because 5 minutes is just not a long enough snooze.

    East of Eden- I didn't think it was very common, but I guess more people share this quality than I thought. Glad you're one of them!

  16. I have the shark steamer and love it. Been wanting the mop version, especially after reading how much you love it!

    Great post! I especially found it interesting that we are exactly the same age! :)

  17. Wow! You are a lot weirder than I thought you were. Somehow, it just makes me love you more :)

  18. I recently found your blog & love it because of the number of things we have in common (although 5 children are not one of them). My husband will be happy that I am not the only person who stops mid-sentence or jumps from one topic to the next expecting everyone else to follow along! Also, have you tried using Pledge on your socks while skating on your wood floors? (It makes you go extra fast and dusts them at the same time!)
    Btw, Hello from central PA!

  19. I don't think I have completed a thought in years. I think this is why I feel as if I have lost my mind....maybe I have.

  20. Alyson- I am still getting used to the mop. I don't know if it saves any time, but it is more enjoyable and the floors seem cleaner to me. Plus no soap needed!

    Susan- You must have just forgotten over time. I am less weird than I was at 18 (and that is frightening!)

    Megan- Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have never tried that before, but it sounds like a good idea. Central PA might be the most beautiful place I've ever lived.

    Ambrosia- What is this complete thought of which you speak? I didn't even think they existed. ;-)

  21. #7 is my favorite! I'm cracking up over here.

    Here's quirk about me: I have to eat things in pairs (matching colors if possible) so both sides of my mouth are even. Yup, I'm that weird.

  22. Allison- Nothing wrong with pairs. And I am always lining up colors (crayons, shirts in the closet, etc.) so I love to match up colors as often as possible!

  23. hehe you're weird. jk. okay so something you didn't know about me is that I have a really hairy bum and have to shave it once a week.
    fun post!

  24. I can't believe it's been so long since I last read your blog. That's a definite sign that my life is too harried.

    I know exactly where you're coming from on #2; and I was very impressed with the big word on #7. Good job!

    I think you already know that I constantly have a song in my head. What you may not know is that a lot of those songs come from Burl Ives or Sesame Street. They are songs I've been replaying for over 30 years! And I'm still mostly sane. ;o)

  25. I do the conversation jumping myself. One of DH's strong points with me is that he can usually keep up (and tends to do it himself).