Friday, July 11, 2008

Ryan's Birthday

Since Peter and Elise were going to be on trek for Ryan's birthday, we celebrated a day early. Ryan wanted a cake that looked like a Wii, but I told him that would just be a frosted cake, so we settled on a Wii remote and Mario and Luigi.

We had friends over for the day and we were happy to have company for the cake and presents (we had been in the water a lot, so that explains the swimsuits and wet hair at the table). Ryan loved all his presents~ he says his favorite was the skateboard (I think Ethan agrees, he rode it more today than Ryan!).

As far as the birthday dinner . . . drum roll, please . . . Chuck E Cheese again. I forgot to mention in my post from last week- I think I must have blocked it out- that we were there last Saturday for a birthday party. The kids were all having a blast until Joseph threw a full blown, fall on the floor, kick and scream fit while there. It was the first time that had ever happened to me (and in public too!) and I was trying to escape that restaurant AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Anyway that meant that we had unredeemed tickets calling to my children all week. No amount of "gentle pressure" could change his mind. We even

considered driving an hour to the nearest buffet restaurant (Ryan's absolute favorite!) Since it was his birthday and his choice, we finally relented, and it was easier with 2 adults. At the end of the night, the prize worker just pulled out a basket and let the kids choose 5 items each (Kirsti thought it was because they got the most tickets possible).

Anyway, Ryan is ten and getting more handsome every day. He still loves to read and do math. He likes building things and writing stories. He also loves golfing, wii, and computer. Scroll down to the last post to see a story he wrote the other day in Microsoft Word.

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  1. I didn't know I was going to make it into some pictures and on your blog. I am really glad I managed to throw on a shirt! Thank you for including us in Ryan's birthday celebration. We had a wonderful day.
    Patrick will be thrilled to know Peter's begging didn't get him out of dinner at Chuck E Cheese (aka Non South Beach R Us). Happy Birthday Ryan. We loved your story.

  2. Happy Birthday Ryan. Love the skateboard!

  3. Happy Birthday to Ryan...wish we could have been there! My kids LOVE Chucky Cheese. The cake was AWSOME!! Trevor thought it was cool, I think we might have to do a wii cake for his birthday as well. (I would hate to do a copy cat cake, but sometimes it can't be avoided)

  4. Nathan just saw the cake and he said "AWW!! I want that cake!!! I want the same cake!!!" So make be we will have to mass produce them!

  5. Happy Birthday Ry-Guy. When we lived in PA and once you were coming to stay with me you were telling me all your nicknames. You said "Rhino and Ry-Guy and uh Pickle." I kind of laughed and asked if anyone had ever called you Pickle. You said, "no, but someday they might, so I thought I should add it to the list". I can't believe how grownup you are!

  6. That was a totally cool cake! happy late b-day ryan