Friday, July 11, 2008

Ryan's Story~

What happened to pickle town?
Book Number one.
One day, in the town of pickles, ruled by Queen Elise, something happened. The evil cucumbers, who hated the pickles, attacked pickle town. They were led by the evil king Ryan. I should start at the beginning.
One day, in foodville, two children were born. Their names were Elise and Ryan. They were unidentical twins. Their mother took Elise when the two parents were divorced. Their father took Ryan. Ryan and Elise were raised to hate each other. Ryan was taught in the evil ways. He learned dark magic from his father. Elise was taught in the light way. She was taught good magic but had less power than Ryan.

Elise became princess of Pickle town, becoming queen after her mother. She married a handsome prince named Andrew. Ryan became prince of cucumberville, becoming king after his father. He married a beautiful princess named Rachel.

As they ruled they began to get troops for war. Elise e-mailed Ryan, declaring war. Ryan accepted the war. The winner got the others kingdom, magical item, and was taught all the spells that their opponent knew. They could use any magical items. Ryan used his killing cobra staff, which could turn someone to stone if they even looked at it, because medusa’s head was on top of it. Elise used her magic wand, which could turn anything into any animal she chose. They had armies made of pickles and cucumbers. Elise owned the pickle troops, and Ryan owned the cucumber troops. It was a very juicy battle. It went on and on for 5 years. Many were killed. Others were turned to stone or turned into an animal. Both sides were eliminated by Ethan. Ethan had started battling about halfway through the war. His army was made out of peppers. He was the ruler of spicy land. His magical item was the onion staff. It could launch flaming peppers at their opponent and follow them until it hit. When all the troops were dead, they declared peace.

Ryan and Ethan teamed up and set up a plan that would destroy pickle town. During the night, they would enter pickle town, set up a pepper and cucumber bomb, and set it to explode in 12 hours. During that time, Elise could choose to go through the time of disabling the bomb, or running from pickle town to cucumberville, where there would be another bomb. Ryan and Ethan would have the bomb set to explode in 24 hours. Elise could disable the bomb and stay there, or run to spicy land, where she would be killed. If they stayed in one spot after the bomb was disabled, the troops from spicy land would go and kill them, then blow up both cities. Elise ran from both towns with 500 of her people. They were both killed and Ryan and Ethan ruled the whole land of food world for the rest of their life. They lived for 93,429,032,193 years cubed. They were able to live that long because they found the Magical Crystal of Eternity.

The End


  1. keep up the writing! I think the term you were looking for at unidentical twins was fraternal twins. It was fun to read. I especially liked the emailed declaration of war

  2. wow, that was really creative. I wonder who this Rachel and Andrew are???

  3. The best part of the story is that we don't know ANY Rachels and the only Andrews are our neighbor 4 years ago and a 3 year old Joseph plays with. I even asked Elise and Ryan if there were any in their classes, and there wern't.

    I couldn't decide if making Elise good and him evil was enough to counter the fact that she died in the end. Could you tell we finally finished Ether?

  4. Wow, that sure was entertaining! A little different than the stories I used to write when I was that age... I also loved the declaration of war through e-mail. Priceless.

  5. That was great made me laugh. We also like the e-mail declaration, but we are wondering who else dies in the said they both died? Keep it up Ryan!!! (and maybe Charlotte and Pete need some good marriage counseling?)

  6. It was a really clever story. I was wondering if Andrew B from PA was the one in the story. I loved reading it. I have stories that I wrote at his age and it is really fun to read them now. My favorite part "It was a very juicy battle"

  7. Very creative! His writing reminds me of my brothers which means only greatness head of him. :o)

  8. That story was really cute! I would love to see more of the kids stories they are all so smart!