Saturday, August 9, 2008

Before and After

We finally did the deed. My baby is now a little boy. Yes, those pictures were really taken 2 days apart, not 2 years. A complete different child? Lets compare:

Baby Matthew

Kid Matthew

Sweet angel doesn't know his own strength.

"Hey, you need to be nice. Go get in time out."

Likes to drag you over and point at what he wants.

"If you don't use your words, I can't know what you want."

Poor kid accidentally spilled his cup, let me get you some more.

"Go get a towel, if you spill it you clean it."

You get the idea. I knew that I would continue to treat Matthew as a baby as long as he kept that hair, and I knew he was getting a little too old to be totally babied. Still, when I looked at the pictures I took before the hair cut, I almost cried for my baby. The difference in our treatment and his reactions since the cut has amazed me. He truly is taking his place as "one of the kids." It made me wonder, how much of parenting is really a matter of perspective?

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  1. Wow!!!! That is an amazing difference. He looks like a mini me of Joseph!!!

  2. He looks like Joseph. Your cute little girl became a handsome little boy. Boy do I miss seeing you guys more often. Kiss that little boy for me.

  3. He does look way different. Good though

  4. Oh I think I'm going to cry. I am glad I caught this post before tomorrow morning or I might have lost it right in Sacrament Mtg. He looks way too much like Joseph. Couldn't you just trim it? Now he looks too old for Hannah. I can't believe you did that to me. =(

  5. Wow, that was crazy with the before and after shots. I would have thought they were taked further apart than 2 days!! Trevor and Bryan think he looks like Ethan, I vote for Joseph.

  6. Cute pictures! Yeah, Andrea keeps my hair short for the same reason, kind of sucks.

  7. Barlow, I would love to see you covered in curls.

    Brenda, I don't know how you can make the distinction between Ethan and Joseph (talk about looking alike)

    Channing, I considered just trimming it, but decided if I was going to do it, I'd have to loose the curls cold turkey- besides, holding a wiggly two year old isn't very fun and should be finished as soon as possible. I still thought you were going to throttle me when I came into the chapel today!

  8. So sad! I remember when Cory cut my last baby boy, Isaac's curls off one night to "surprise" me. I held the pile of curls in my hands and bawled...I remember telling him that he "stole my baby."

  9. I feel I've not lost a grandaughter, but gained a grandson.

    Actually, I loved the Albert Einstien look. Purhaps when he grows up and becomes a world famous scientist or a hair dresser he will let it grow out again.

    Maybe Charl you could buy an Albert Einstien wig and do a yearly picture. At least do one right before he goes on his mission. Then he can show it to his companions. See- here's what I looked like as a child, and here I am right before my mission.

    I remember when we cut your hair on a vacation in Utah from Missouri. I cried.

  10. I was just checking blogs and had to look at the "late" Matthew again. Wow, what a difference.

  11. Oh my goodness, he really looks like one of your olders now!! Believe it or not Haley had long really curly hair until she was three. When I cut the curls off I cried...they never came back.
    Older kids are good too. Bye baby Matthew, hello big boy!

  12. I LOVE the new look. Personally, I don't understand the attachment to the baby hair... I have considered buzzing Jace a couple times, because it's annoyingly long on top. Someday. Anyway, he looks great!

  13. The haircut really brings out his gorgeous eyes! He looks like a Later now more than ever.

    I agree with you on the perspective thought. When I watched five-year-old Kassidy in a school-wide program, I realized how very young and innocent she still was. Quite a contrast to the capable and responsible girl I was treating her as. I mean, she had three younger sisters, so I expected a lot from her. I realized I was expecting too much from someone so young and had to learn to ease up a little. I hope no permanent damage was done!

  14. Oh the curls were so cute. I hope my babies curls grow like that.

  15. I bet it stunk to part with the curls!!! He looks so handsome!!

  16. I thought that was a picture of Matthew and Joseph! Jared and I just stood with our mouths hanging open when we realized what you had done.
    He looks handsome.