Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trek (a story by Elise)

(Sorry this took so long to post, I told Elise if she wrote the story of their trip I would post it and this is what she has finished. The captions I am going to "make" Peter write, we'll see if they ever show up. There are 44 slides in the slide show, so consider this fair warning!!)
Story about: Elise And Peter
Day 1
I had the privilege of going on trek (a reenactment of the pioneers walk to Utah) for 3 days. Even though you must be 12 my dad was suppose to be a captain of a company and he said he would go if I could so they agreed and I got to go.
The first thing we did to set up for trek (when we had every thing ready and were actually at the starting area ) was to find out who are family was and what cart we had to pull.
My family’s cart was the martins. We headed out on a rode we thought that we didn’t have to leave the road. Then we turned left. That’s when the pain began. We Saw the most Hard or so we thought thing of trek. It was a Field full of Tree logs (thin not thick but hundreds of them)

And we hulled the carts over them. My family was hesitant to go the way everyone else went, so we had People search the area. And it turns out it was the way to go and there was only 1 really hard part 2 huge trees fell in the way. So we had to lift our carts over them. So my dad called all the young men (by this time the first group and the second group had turned around because of all the mud. They were covered knee down in mud) To help lift up 12, 90 pound carts. Over 2 Huge logs. My family went first And we had a lot of help but after or cart some people went away. So me 2 girls and 2 boys stayed to help. Me and the 2 girls Shelby and Angel started laying out sticks so that the mud wouldn’t get them slowed down more and the 2 boys Jared and Alahondro.( The rest went ahead to take a brake and comfort those people who we already helped pull there carts over the logs.) When every one was over and rested we started pulling and pushing again. We passed many cool things like a tree growing on a rock (*Shown below) and we pulled through Mud that came up to our knees. (because it had rained the day before) and we weren’t really on a path just lots of mud. We avoided obstacles and sang silly songs like old McDonald , Row Row Row your boat, and My bonnie lies over the ocean only pioneer edition.* Then We finally Made it to the half way Mark of Day 1( We toke a potty break) after we filled up our Water bottles, had a snack, and went to the bathroom we started again. We walked maybe 2 miles and we met up with the “angel of Deceiving” not knowing he was and he showed us a short cut and we decided to take it and we started and we met the trader man. He said that instead of turning left we should have gone Right so we had to pull back up the Hill and then We Made it to camp.


  1. That was great to read about and Peter did awesome with the captions! What a neat experience to looks a lot more authentic than what our youth did!

  2. That looks like a real learning experience. Sound like it was alot of fun but very dirty. Glad Elise got to have the experience with her dad.

  3. Sound like fun. I am glad, it gave me new hope that Treks can be benificial for the kids instead of awful. Maybe I will let my kids go some day.

  4. How fun! I went on a trek a number of years ago, but it wasn't as fun as yours looks.

  5. I always wanted to go on a trek, but they did it one year before I was old enough, and then waited until one year past when I was too old.