Wednesday, December 3, 2008

6 Quirks

I was tagged by my friend Brookeh (sorry, private blog) to list 6 quirks. I figure this is like the 7 random things but more focused on my idiosyncrasies (and I have enough random things to do many variations on this tag). Anyway, here goes . . .

1. I HATE being touched when I am really tired. This can make kisses (especially if hugs are involved) after family prayer a very unpleasant thing if I've had a particularly long day.

2. I have to put Dominoes (and Qwirkle pieces) away in the correct order. We had a set that went to 14 and I always started with 14/14 and ended with 0/0. If they are put away out of order, I will dump them out and do it correctly.

3. I chew on pen lids- I know, terrible habit, but hard to break.

4. I am a free range snacker. If there is food out, I will keep picking some up to eat. This can be bad at parties and I have to remind myself that it is not polite to keep taking more and more food. If I'm not careful I'll eat the entire plate of cookies, candy, bread, whatever while more polite people are taking their time.

5. I can't stand the sound of styrofoam rubbing against itself. It pierces my brain. If packaging comes with it and the kids get into it, I cover my ears and force them to get it away from me.

6. I'm still scared of dogs. As an adult I know to put on a smile and ignore the unreasonable fear. I will even pet the dog and compliment the owner. But always (unless I know the dog well), there is an undercurrent of fear there.


  1. I'm totally with you on the styrofoam for the rest? I think you're completely nuts! ;)

  2. 1-SAME-I feel terrible when my kids want extra hugs and kisses at night and hope they dont see the cringe on my face

    2-SAME-I'm pretty sure this comes from Mom....Bryan puts them away NOT in order just to bug me

    3-SAME-I even chew on the little black plug on the bottom of the pen too

    4-SAME-that is why I gain so much weight on car trips, the snacks are right there and I am strapped in next to them

    5-SAME-eeeeh...I can't even think about it

    6-DIFFERENT-I have no fear of dogs, cats maybe a little, but not dogs, maybe that is because I collected dogs as a kid and you collected cats and we fought so much that we still have a fear of the other person!

  3. I also will eat anything in sight and suffer from the "I'll just have one more" sydrome. I am horribly afraid of dogs....petrified. I'm not a dog hater, but I just don't love 'em.

  4. "while more polite people are taking their time" made me laugh out loud.

    J's favorite thing to quote me on was regarding this very issue. When we were first married and soon after I was, first pregnant, I felt sick all the time and had a really hard time eating anything. I knew that the solution to less nausea was to eat more frequently so we went to the store and I just grabbed half a dozen different little snack-like foods--nuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, etc. I said to J, "I just need to have this food in front of me because I know I have enough woman in me that I'll eat it if it's there."

    He has no idea that was profound truth.

    I have something similar to your dog "quirk". It's not as strong as fear, but I can relate to what you wrote.