Monday, December 15, 2008

Gingerbread Houses, if Gingerbread was made out of Graham Crackers

As a Christmas tradition, Gingerbread houses are awesome. As a reality, they are a lot of work. Because they involve mixing, cutting, baking, etc. So we use a simpler, lazier alternative. Graham Cracker Houses. One box makes 5 houses. I doubled the frosting recipe (but you could also half it easily)

  • Make one bag of icing per person, it is easier!!
  • This is a great project for inviting people over (the frosting and graham crackers are cheap and the candy lasts FOREVER- even making 10, we had tons of leftovers)
  • You can dye the frosting red and green (forgot till after I made the houses)
  • The houses need to set for an hour before using, but put the rest of the frosting in bags right away so they don't also set
  • Waffle Icecream Cones are great Christmas Trees

Cookie cutter houses are so boring!!

Wouldn't you rather live in this neighborhood?
(minus the frosting splattered EVERYWHERE)

You'll have to click to enlarge this collage:

1. Ryan likes to build walls 2. I have my white picket fence

3. Uncle Gordon likes lots of SNOW 4. Matthew enjoyed eating the candy the most

5. Kirsti added presents around her tree 6. Ethan likes the overgrown garden look

7. Elise added a little of Everything 8. Simplicity was the key for Aunt Jessica

9. Joseph takes us inside the mind of a 4 year old 10. Peter likes Candy Pavers, Stones, and Ponds.

Here are pictures of Uncle Gordon setting up the frosting, the mess left over, and what we did instead of cleaning up (which made the frosting set on the table=a lot longer to clean up)


  1. Those are fantastic, but look like a lot of work with 6 kids!

  2. Those are very cute gingerbread houses. I totally agree with easy versus hard. We always go with the graham crackers too. Silly me, in the first paragraph I thought it said Waffle House ice cream cones. I had to go back and reread that line. I was all, Waffle House has ice cream cones?!?

  3. We just did ours too! I need to post it. I can't believe that table is still alive, seriously. Also, when I first looked at Peter's house I thought he'd made an angry face: red eyes and a green open mouth with a white border. I had to look close to realize that the mouth was a pond! Looks like fun. Wish we could have done them together.

  4. I just bought the stuff to do mine. I also prefer the graham cracker way. They turned out really cute.

  5. Fun! I don't we'll get around to them this year. Maybe I'll just print out the picture of yours and hang it up, instead.

  6. I'm all for a fun activity and then leaving the mess for later!...I hope you had a chisel to get the frosting off...or you could have just left a door open and soon enough you'd have a few skunks to lick up the mess. The Laters have so much fun.

  7. Mmmmm...candy and doesn't get much better.

  8. I loved duing the gingerbread house. Great memories.