Sunday, December 28, 2008

How I can tell I've had a successful Christmas...

  • My children have worn their new skates or rollerblades more than their shoes.
  • I went 1 1/2 days wearing my PJ's.
  • I may not be able to eat/buy more chocolate for a LONG time (after the chocolate I still have around is gone, of course) .
  • We've gone through a couple of beef sticks, boxes of crackers, and cans of spray cheese.
  • I didn't run out of wrapping paper (but I came close).
  • We have a finished 750 piece puzzle, well at least 749 of the pieces.
  • We have played Clue, Life, Rook, Go Fish, Phase 10, War, and Uno, and Settlers of Catan (although that one wasn't a recent present).
  • We have slept on the couch for a week because our house is full of visiting family (I would gladly sleep there longer if it meant they were staying).

I have had a wonderful Christmas and hope you've had the same. I have some posts of the presents I made (and couldn't tell about till now) and posts about our visitors. Plus Ethan's birth story, birthday, and baptism. But those will have to wait a while longer, I'm busy enjoying my family before they leave!

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  1. That is the cutest picture I have ever seen

  2. I can judge my Christmas success in similar ways. We all stayed in our jammies all day (with they exception of Kaylee who changed her clothes from one new pair of pants to the next every 1/2 hour or so.) We ate whatever pleased us at the moment and spent the entire day as a family!

    Glad to hear yours went as well, hopefully soon we can spent Christmas Day closer.

  3. That is a priceless picture. I love it!