Thursday, March 19, 2009

Joseph and the Battle of the Arm

Poor Joseph needed his pre-kindergarten shots. When I called our new pediatrician (who we had never seen) to get an appointment, they had one available the next day. Being such a great mother, I forgot to fully prepare Joseph for the fact that he was getting shots. And he was not happy. That afternoon the area around one of his shots started to get discolored and warm. In a hope of keeping him from getting more upset, I tried to relate shots to a recent trip we took to Gettysburg.

"Your body is fighting the disease! That spot on your arm is the battleground and when your body wins, the disease can never attack your whole body."

Joseph was VERY excited about this. He proudly displayed his "battle" to everyone in the house. Matthew even ran around the house calling out "Ba-ow-ing, Joseph awm ba-ow-ing." I thought I had turned the situation around.

But I had underestimated Joseph. He took my explanation a little too literal; that night he comes into my room, "Ouch! One of those men battling in my arm just popped out of the shot and it hurt."

"Honey, there aren't any men in your arm. The battle is between your blood and the disease."

"Yeah, the men in there are wearing blue and gray uniforms." (remember out recent trip to Gettydburg, I guess he was listening!)

"There are no men, men how could they fit inside your arm?"

"Then who is fighting the battle in the blood?"

"Hemoglobins and the disease."

"Hemoglobins are men this small (showing a space between his thumb and finger 1/2 inch wide), they are fighting in my arm battle."

"Close enough. Go to bed."


  1. That day is coming up for us. And I am dreading it. How do you prepare a five year old for that ordeal. Monkey was screaming and crying when I told her she had to get her Hep A shot (I think that is right, I could be wrong. It was something) five months ago. That was only one needle what about the five she has to get this time around? Yuck. I'm glad the Hemoglobins won their battle.

  2. Its good he didn't think hemoGoblins. That wouldn't have helped him at all.

  3. I'm impressed with the blue and gray uniforms part, pretty observant little kid.
    oh, and shots suck.

  4. Can you imagine the scene in his little head? I love it that he accepted that there really could be tiny men in his arm, battling in his body.

  5. Don't you love the part of the conversation with kids when you realize that they are going to see things the way they want to see them.

  6. Man, I hate it when kids are really screws with my strategies (or lack thereof.)

  7. that is really cute! he is such a funny kid

  8. What an imagination. I know I didn't spell that right but it is getting late. He is such fun.

  9. I like the HemoGoblin idea. He is such a funny kid.

  10. That is so hilarious!! I love Joseph!