Saturday, April 17, 2010

My love, my passion, my iPhone

This is a story of true love. Where two soulmates meet and find everlasting happiness.  And like all true loves stories (I'm sure the movies would never misrepresent this), the girl initially spurned her eventual love.  He was too flashy and too trendy.  He was everything she wasn't looking for.  In fact, it was her husband that introduced them and forced them into a relationship.

In other words, when my husband went to pick up my phone with our new provider, I left explicit instructions for a phone with long battery, good antenna, and NOTHING ELSE.  He brought me home the iPhone.  I was mad ... and then I turned it on.  I've been in love ever since.

{Note- For his work he had a pretty fancy blackberry and felt bad that his tech heavy phone was better than his tech savvy wife's phone.  He knew I would love it if I could get over my distaste for spending money and so he bought it.   He was, of course, right.}

Let me give you a glimpse into our relationship.  Last Tuesday we went to the zoo.  In that day we used my phone to google (another tender love of mine) the following:

  • Difference between Highway and Freeway
(Highway is any road connecting towns and states, Freeway is a highway without stop signals and crossing traffic and with limited access points on and off)

  • Oligarchy
(A type of government where the power to rule is held be a limited, elite group.  Peter was right when he made that guess.)

  • Why are some flamingos not pink?
(The pink color is due to chemicals in the food they eat.  Zoo flamingos are sometimes fed coloring agents to help mimic wild flamingos color, but are usually a paler pink)

  • Difference between cocoon and chrysalis
(cocoon = moth, chrysalis= butterfly.  My 2nd grader schooled us all with that tidbit.  Google proved her brother wrong!)

  • Where did the symbol for female come from?
(Most people think it is a contraction of the Greek symbols for Venus)

In addition to using google on the internet...

  • we looked up price houses of a town we were driving through ( app). Houses outside of NYC are as expensive as we thought.

  • I beat a couple sudoku puzzles (sudoku daily app)

  • We found and rented a movie to pick up on the way home (redbox app).

  • We found out why the actress playing the mother in Where the Wild Things Are looked familiar (iDbM app).  She is also the mom in the Lightening Thief.
  • I found out my sister came within 100 points of beating my Tetris Friends score on Facebook. (facebook app and email function)

  • We found out the etymology of the words male, female, man, and woman (browsing Wikipedia while searching the female sign thing).  I will hereafter refer to men as werman and women as wyfman, or maybe not.

How can you not love a phone like that?

Also, how can you not love a road trip with so many random and curious questions?

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  1. I have been so tempted to get the iPhone…… you are starting to sway me.

  2. I am almost there google anywhere??? Wow the freedom.

  3. The yahoos and I went to Park Meadows Mall in Denver, where there is an Apple Store, with all of their latest tech stuff on display and you're allowed to play on it. It was hard to leave the store empty-handed.

  4. So do you still have the old iPhone, or have you upgraded to the 3gs?

  5. I'm glad you're enjoying your iPhone so much.

    We live in a rural area with spotty cell coverage so the iPhone is not an option for me. And luckily so, I think - since I'm not sure I have the self-control to avoid being on it constantly!

  6. I have my 2nd incarnation of the iPhone, the first having died a sad death in water. The kids still use it as an ipod touch, it just has to be plugged in to keep a charge.

    I not below trading in my true love for a younger model...

  7. !!! I just got my iphone a couple weeks ago and have also decided the iphone and I were destined for each other! I was at the grocery store and I wanted to make this certain dinner but I did'nt have the recipe! Thats not a hard task for the iphone to solve I googled it and bought all the ingrediants. I am really addicted to the game Diner Dash as well. I loved this post I am glad i a not alone

  8. I love Diner Dash! I look up the ingredients for meals in the middle of the store all the time. I also like to look up consumer reports in the middle of shopping for items to make sure I'm not getting a dud. I had no idea just how much I was going to love it.

  9. My husband and I are both in crazy love with our iPhones. i used to call it the other woman, until I got one too! It is fabulous!

  10. We use such a basic phone and we hardly use it, I just can't imagine I'd ever get to an iPhone...but maybe someday.

  11. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    I absolutely ADORE my iphone! I don't know what I would do without it. Well, I guess I'd survive, but I don't really want to.

  12. I'm with Ken and Kim--I wouldn't even know how to turn one on--but it does sound intriguiging--almost as intriguing as the conversations that were going on in that led to all the googling. That is really cool.

  13. Oh the things we can't live without. I love my ipod touch but I don't want an iphone. I drop things too much.

  14. Well, you learn something new every day: and now I know how to distinguish a cocoon from a chrysalis. Thanks for the tip on the Sudoku app too. I love my husband's new iPhone. We also use it to settle disputes. An almost nightly activity it to catch a funny YouTube video right before we fall asleep. I still usually forget to turn my very basic phone on or take it anywhere, but it would be fun to always have the internet with me.

  15. I too am in love with my iphone. As is my toddler, who threw it in the toilet a mere two months after we bought it. I was (no joke!) nearly in tears over it, and went through some serious withdrawls for the three days it took to get it replaced. (Always always buy the applecare warranty!)

    It's truly my most favorite inanimate object.

  16. Well, I'm a BlackBerry girl and my home Internet screen on it is a google search! So my BB has become essential for my family everywhere we go, to look up movies, information, everything. Love the google! The first time I did it I was tell my kids about Big Birds ABC song from years ago on Sesame Street and I said, "Hold on. I'll google it," and there it was!

    But I do understand Verizon is going to start offering iPhones in the fall so who knows? Maybe I'll switch. But no real keyboard?

  17. This is so very funny. I suppose great minds think alike because I had it in my Awesome Note app (do you have this one? I highly recommend it) to write a post about how the iPhone has changed my life. I saw the title of this post and I just shook my head, yes, oh yes, I can relate! I'll still write that post, I'll just wait a little bit. But oh, how I love my iPhone.

  18. I'm going to get an iPhone this summer, and I can't wait. I' practically counting down the days. I may even have to get a calendar just so I can X them off. I'm that excited about.

  19. We LOVE our iPhone. Clint's cell phone has become "our" cell phone because I love it so much! (But I'm too cheap to buy one for me...because who really needs 2 iPhones?)

  20. I feel the exact same way about my iPhone. I have been meaning to post about it. When I do I will link to you. Okay? Okay.

  21. I'm pretty distressed that T-Mobile owns me. Which means I cannot have an iPhone. Which sux. Which means I have a pretend Android. Pretty cool but waaaaa....

  22. I'm not one of the cool kids. I don't have an iPhone. *sniff* But I do have iMac computer! Does that make me just a little bit cool? Even if it is over 7 years old and is very slow?

  23. I think I would love sitting in the back seat during one of your road trips. They sound entertaining, fun AND educational.