Sunday, November 9, 2008

A whole bunch of random

Well, I made some aprons last week. They took under 1/2 hour (closer to 10 minutes I think). Below is the pattern I used ...

- More cool how to projects

... and here are the finished results. Yes, I know this photo is an awesome display of my photo taking skills. I tried to skimp on the ribbon, wouldn't recommend it. Didn't sew on the buttons because I can't find my needles. Maybe next week.

Elise gave a talk during the main meeting at church today. She did a great job. I printed off a conference talk for her to read and she wrote (and typed) it all herself. I don't know why they had an 11 year old give a talk, but for a minute a member of the primary presidency thought they had missed her birthday. I am going to post her talk here.

I am so proud of my family. Every single adult on my side dressed up for Halloween this year. Half have private blogs, but you can find the rest of the pictures here, here, and here. And if you aren't sure we're crazy yet, check out my Mom and my Sister. As you can imagine, our family reunions are a blast.

Peter and I lost at Settlers of Catan today. Only because 12's were rolled twice as often as 9's, so Elise was rolling in cards. Somebody forgot to teach our dice the laws of probability.

Yesterday we ate hamburgers for a late lunch. Then at the mall (for the boys' haircuts) we bought some pretzels. On the way home we hit Wendy's to use some free Frosty coupons. Dinner were some hot leftover hot wings Peter had (we all got about one hot wing) and rootbeer floats. Since breakfast is always a loosely held tradition in our home, we were VERY healthy yesterday.

And maybe that is why I am incapable of pulling together a coherent post tonight. Better luck next time.


  1. Those aprons are so cute. I can't wait to give them a try!

  2. Charlotte, I read Elise talk and left a comment for her. Please make sure she reads it for me.

    We do have a crazy and fun family. I think a family reunion is a wonderful idea.

  3. Well, I've witnessed plenty of the crazy, but I'll get back to you about the "fun" part. (Obviously I haven't spent enough time with the east-coasters!)

    Elise is so awesome, she is way more on top of things than I was at 11, or 23 for that matter. Looks like you guys are doing something right!

  4. Way to go Elise. I think that if I had to talk at 11 I would have just pasted out. I have to talk this Sunday. Cute aprons. I will have to give them a try too. Thanks for your post.

  5. Cute picture of you and Peter. You guys always made such a cute couple. The aprons are really cute! Man, your kids are going to give us a run for our money in Settlers when we come out there. Great job Elise. I would be so nervous giving a talk but luckily I haven't had to for 3 years! (I don't even have to knock on wood, I'm forgotten)

  6. The Aprons turned out GREAT.

    Your family is CRAZY and charge for the awesome though!

    Andrea- I am SO hurt

    Elise- GREAT talk

    and three cheers for hotwings and rootbeer floats!

  7. For those of you who had to merely READ her talk, I will add that Elise's presentation was flawless. She did an awesome job.

    Charlotte - your mom is related to you. After her wild screaming and jumping - what is the very first thing she did, almost before breathing? She turned to the computer. Probably to blog about it! =)