Friday, June 12, 2009

A Conversation While Driving in the Car...

Kirsti- Mom, you haven't ordered a jump rope yet. When we get home will you order a jump rope?

Me- We can look when we get home to see what they have online.

Joseph- When we get home will you order a pizza?

Kirsti- Joseph, we already had dinner, remember?

Joseph- I know. We can order the pizza as dessert.

Me-We're not ordering a pizza!

Kirsti- No, Joseph, she didn't promise you a pizza. She promised to order me a jump rope. Remember, Mom, you promised to order a jump rope. You haven't ordered a jump rope. Will you order one when we get home?

Joseph- Why is she going to order you a jump rope?

Kirsti- We were at the store and she said she didn't like the ones they had and she would go home and order one from the computer. She has to go online and type "jumprope" and then a package or something comes with a jump rope in it.

Joseph- Oh. Mom, will you order a jump rope when we get home?

(Please note that I did NOT promise to order a jump rope. I merely mentioned a jump rope might be fun, but when I saw the selection at the store I was unimpressed and said - half to myself- that I would check online to see if they had something more like what I wanted. Also note that after this conversation I bought 2 jump ropes for Kirsti's upcoming birthday: a double dutch set and a single jump one. Also please note that the above conversation- and millions more like it- are the reason I listen to talk radio in the car. As much fun as it is to have the same questions repeated over and over and over while I give the same answer every time, sometimes I need a break.)

On another note- here is Kirsti's (and her brothers') hair for crazy hair day and what it looked like the next morning. I think I should do this every Saturday night!:


  1. Wow, that hair couldn't be any cooler. As for the jump rope conversation, wouldn't life be awesome if all it took was typing something into the computer it was mailed to you in a box? I'm thinking I could go for some pizza, a pony, size 4 jeans and a maid.
    But really, tell me if you find a good place for jump ropes. I want a long one to replace the makeshift one now tied to the basketball standard made from some nylon rope, a water shoe and zip tie to weigh it down.

  2. I have had those conversations too, like:
    Trevor-Can we have Pizza for dinner?
    Me-We will see.
    Later at Dinner time as I make something else:
    Trevor-MOM! You PROMISED we could have pizza for dinner!

    I LOVED the crazy hair pictures!

  3. With how much Abe talks already, I'm sure I have plenty of these conversations to look forward to. I love the hair as well. Very fun. Oh and I was a double dutch CHAMPION back in my day!

  4. I love her hair! So cute!!! Do that for church some day!

  5. Emma Jo - I have size 4 jeans if you want them. It's really not that hard to GET size 4 jeans. The trickier part is using them appropriately.

    Charlotte - Technically, you did not answer the same question the same each time. Every time they asked if you would buy a jump rope they tricked you into committing a little bit more. Good missionaries in the making there!

  6. The kids hair looked so cool! I love how Joseph analyzes everything. He's such a smarty

  7. I love those kiddy car conversations...only mine are more like 'water' 'I don't have any water in the car' 'water'...etc. Good times!

  8. Great hair! Come do mine sometime? I love the car conversations - especially since they are happening to someone else. There is a reason that I will gladly listen to the wheels on the bus CD ad infinitum, and it is mostly that I just can't have one more conversation about where we are going and why we didn't bring anything to drink in the car.

  9. emma jo- your thinking small. I would go for typing in perfect hair, clean house, and already prepared dinners. We got the ropes from Dick's Sporting Goods- they seem to work alright.

    Davis Fam- My kids take everything as a promise. Sometimes they even misinterpret a downright refusal as one.

    Kim- Don't tell my kids, but I can't even jump into a double dutch set up. Luckily so far I've gotten away with being the turner or using one rope.

    Vi- I'm planning on it.

  10. Twinlinebackers- I have size 4T jeans laying around. My kids are experts at getting their way.

    Boyer Fam- Too smart for his own good if you ask me.

    Shalise- we have those conversations in that car a lot, too.

    Claudia- You don't relish repeating yourself over and over as though they think the answer will magically change?

    Jessica- Thanks!