Thursday, June 18, 2009

If it won't get warm, we'll just pretend

In an attempt to keep our sanity despite 60 degree weather in the middle of June, we have decided to ignore reality at our house. It is summer. We will act like it is summer. We will wear shorts, ignore jackets, and enjoy ice cream and sandals. When Peter's work had a party at a local attraction that included a splash pad, we ignored the high 60's forecast, put on our swimsuits and headed over. Unfortunately, I did forget to grab towels. But, being that it is summer, we decided to let the warm sun dry us (not to be confused with the breeze turning us into icicles, that can't happen in the middle of summer!).

See, we're not cold:

No freezing involved:

We don't need towels, it is summer, after all:

We even enjoyed some ice cream afterwards:

On another note, I wish this place didn't cost a small fortune (Peter's work paid for it this time) because the park area is AWESOME. Why aren't there more places that cater to older children? Some of the equipment is just plain cool. I've never seen it anywhere before. Check out the rope climbs:

And the jumping areas:

They have equipment for younger kids, too:

They even have mock dinosaurs on a trail walk:

I sure am glad we've had all this wonderful summer weather to enjoy all the fun!!


  1. Just think, you could be back here in NC where it's in the 90s with 95% humidity. I do all I can to figure out how to stay inside. blugh.

  2. How fun. We went to a sprinkler park the other day with mom and had a great time. Fortunately ours is ridiculously cheap and only five minutes from the house. No reallly cool equipment though, just swimming. Stay warm!

  3. Ha Ha, I have been in denial about the weather before! It is great!

    On another note, Ryan and Ethan are going to look like twins before long (not their faces...who could be more different, but their physical bodies are getting close!)

  4. Looks like fun. In El Paso, we are also to the point in summer where you try to figure out how to stay inside more.

  5. Beautiful weather here, I guess Washington is the place to be! (hint hint)

    PS Pete needs to show off those guns more often.

  6. I'm trying to feel bad for you that the weather is not quite warm, but you LIVE ON THE BEACH!!! Even if you only get a month of hot weather, you can swim in the ocean every day!

    Okay, I do feel bad for you. I hope it warms up soon. The other side is that in Texas it's already so hot we don't want to go outside anymore.

  7. On the plus side the splash pad looks super fun. Kids don't care if they freeze right!?
    That place looks like a lot of fun, maybe they have family passes that don't cost to much?

  8. We haven't been very warm either...what a weird summer! The park you guys went to does look really cool though!

  9. Burrrrr! Man does that icecream look good right now. That rope climb looks awesome

  10. That looks like fun, cold, but fun!

    We have been really cold and wet here too, weird weather.

  11. I especially like the last picture where he's pretending to be gored by the dinosaur!