Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moms Say the Darndest Things

Things that have actually come out of my mouth:

  • "You can not go outside until you've played that video game!"

  • "Broccoli? Are you sure you don't want fries as your side?"

  • "That's it! You're grounded from reading."

  • "Stop doing those dishes!"

  • "Put those away, we're not reading scriptures right now."

  • "Are you sure you're really feeling OK? Your not faking well to go to school again are you?"

  • "Get down here, you are going to watch this TV show!"

  • "I better not see you doing your homework."

  • "Please tell me the underwear you're wearing on your head came out of the clean laundry pile."

  • "Next time why don't you let me clean up your puke."
Ever hear something come out of your mouth and can't believe you actually said it (and/or wonder how such a phrase could possibly be necessary?) Life sure can be weird sometimes.


  1. my 10 month old son. "How did the poopy get in the footie of your jammie?" He didn't know either.

  2. Hah! I am sure I have said ridiculous things, I just can't remember them right now. But, I do remember my mom saying some of those things to me!

  3. Those are good! I find myself saying stuff like that too.
    Sidenote: I used to get my books taken away as my punishment growing up - my parents always said there wasn't much else to punish me with!

  4. Cute twist on the kid version of this post. AND it's true! There have been a number of times when I've surprised myself with my Momisms (but of course now that I'm on the spot I can't think of one!)

  5. ha ha I can just imagine the circumstances for some of those! You have a fun home.

  6. I can always count on you making me giggle.

    I just told my kids to stop doing their chores and go play with friends.

  7. These are fun. I am just jealous that you don't swear at your kids.

  8. I have a good one

    I was calling to my 10 year old to come to dinner. Now! She kept saying "Just a sec, just a sec MOM!"

    I finally yelled back (not thinking) "No more secs" (sounded more like "s*x"...oops)

  9. East of Eden- It takes talent to get poop in the places they manage to get it!

    Ambrosia- Just start listening, I have to say something odd sounding once a day.

    Gabrielle- I did, too. It sounds so funny to threaten, though. I can barely do it with a straight face.

    Cynthia- My son actually called me Momism today. Maybe I say those things too often :)

  10. Kim- Having lived with us before, you probably wouldn't be that far off, either.

    Steph- A perfect example. I love to make you giggle.

    Jane- Not out loud, anyway.

    Aimee- LOL that is a good one!

  11. Just so funny. Sometimes I start saying something that I know won't end like it should but I just can't stop...and then of course I have to show solidarity and just go with it.

  12. Kind of like solidarity a word? It's been a long day.

  13. Two that come to the top of my head that I have said in the past week are "stop doing your homework, that's enough," and "go watch your TV show".

  14. Can't imagine why you would say those kind of things. I guess kids just fry you brain cells. When coming home for Carlsbad I said to Kim "Gordon is either behind us or he is ahead of us". My cells are completely fried.

  15. Ha ha. Those are great!

  16. Wait you're not suppose to let your kids wear their dirty underwear on their head?

  17. These are great! I catch myself saying stuff I know is mean like "I don't want to play a game with you," and "Please don't hug me." Before I had kids I would have judged people who said stuff like that, but a woman needs some sanity. :)

  18. these made me giggle! The other day I came down to find my kids sword fighting (in their toddler language just "fighting"). I said, "Oh, you're fighting?? GOOD JOB!"

  19. These aren't exactly the same flavor, but they're all I got for now.

    *they're not MY undies and I am NOT smelling them

    *well, you won't BE alone upstairs if there are actually monsters up there