Sunday, June 22, 2008

Death House, I wish!

My friend commented that the last time she moved they called it the death house, because they would rather die than have to move again. Well, after this move, I feel the same way. The only problem is that I know that we are only here for 13 months. Arrhg! This move has been one of the worst (and I have had many). Maybe it is because we finally have nice furniture to try to move. The fact that we moved to the furnished place and left our stuff for 7 months didn't make it any easier.

We couldn't go down for the move, so Tami and Jared were kind enough to drive over to meet the movers, but they couldn't stay the whole time. The movers came in a huge 18 wheeler that didn't fit in the driveway, so they "shuttled it" (rented a U-haul to load at the house and then reload into their truck). A pain? Yes. But the worse was yet to come. They only loaded half our stuff! The day before they were supposed to arrive, the company called and said they didn't have room for the garage items, they were going to load them the same day they were delivering our 1st load. No big deal, just the garage stuff. Except it was the garage stuff AND our piano, two couches, dresser, computer desk, TV, TV stand, and leather chair. That means all we have been shuttling our 19 inch TV up and down the stairs to watch in the family room during the day and our bedroom at night. Sitting on the floor because we had no couch. So, Tami and Jared drove over again to clean after the 2nd load and (surprise!), they had still missed our TV, a little recliner in our bedroom and all Peter's saws. And there were little toys, books and clothes scattered all over the house. The moving company is still trying to find someone to take the last load (no explanation why they didn't finish or why they left the door wide open with the air blasting). We are required to hold renters insurance (who wouldn't want it anyway) and liability and the day I went to sign the papers, State Farm gave me a "never-mind-we-can't-insure-because-of-the-home's- location." I had to scramble to find someplace the would insure me and it cost 50% more than State Farm's initial quote. The 1st lady we rented from thinks we should pay her another month's rent (she thinks the lease ended in May even though it was June). It took 12 hours to clean the old place after we left (this included moving all the furniture and beds to mop and sweep under- 10 beds and at least as many huge rugs and dressers). This was on Kirsti's birthday and the day before Father's Day. Couple that with the phone company managing to take an extra week to turn on the phone and internet, made for a stressful move. Did I mention Peter's only days off those two weeks were the day we cleaned for 12 hours and Father's Day?

Now the up side-
  • My NC neighbor was kind enough to notice the door and turned down the air and shut it for us (if you see this, thanks April!)
  • Our 2nd load came yesterday and we have most of our things.
  • To make up for the missing TV, we bought a 50 inch plasma
  • I finished unpacking all the boxes from the first load!
  • I wasn't tempted to play on the computer or watch TV- that is how I got everything unloaded
  • When I got super stressed, all I had to do was walk outside and sit by the ocean for a minute :)

So with the kids finally out of school and being nearly settled in the new place, I am ready to get back into a routine. This week I hope to catch up on some missing posts. Expect posts on the last day of school, Kirsti's birthday, Father's Day, and my projected summer routine and projects. Summer has begun!


  1. Wow! That is so crazy. You pay those movers enough money, you'd think they do a good job!!! Sorry we couldn't do more to help in cleaning out the old house, next time you need someone to go down to Greenville, count us as top on your list!!!

  2. We have moved 19 times in our marriage and this is not our last (I hope) Hope things get back to normal soon. Good Luck

  3. I hope we are in our death house also! I really like it here, but you never know, things always change. Look forward to hearing about your summer!

  4. Wow. I heard about all that in person but to hear it all scrunched into one exhausting move really made me wish I had done more (aka anything) to help you. Now that it's all over and done, PLEASE let me know if I can do anything.

  5. yeah, about three hours into cleaning, I thought, "Wow, I should have asked the Relief Society for some help." Unfortunatley for Peter, by that time it was too late! Besides, watching my little ones while we went to get the TV was more than enough help.

  6. I hate moving, I am sorry you have had to live through this. If I could walk to the ocean, I would probably be up for another move or two. :-)