Monday, June 23, 2008

Missing Post 1- Matthew Chooses His Own Words

Tuesday, June 3rd

Most of you know that Matthew has been one of my slower speakers. He has finally started speaking without prompting. What does he choose to say? The following shows him speaking some of his first unsolicited words.

An interesting note~ apparently I tried too often to capture him "praying" on camera because as soon as he saw me pick up the camera, he ran over to me, knelt, and folded his arms.

*please only watch this if a messy house does not make you queasy*

I promise, the first time I heard him say it without any prompts. In the video I do help a little.

And I did warn you about the house.

And for those of you who remember, yes, Joseph's first song at that age was the theme song.

And in defense, they were showing a new episode every day that week so we watched it more than usual.


  1. He is getting so big! That is such a cute video and its so cool to see him talk. is this in the new house?

  2. He is so cute. You can even understand what he is saying. Teach him to say I want to see Grandma Red

  3. That is really cute. He says it so adorable. Too funny. By the way, why is it called the missing post?

  4. I thought to myself before I watched the video "oh good now I can see how messy Charlotte's house gets so that I can feel better about my own messy house" I kept waiting and waiting......come on! It was not THAT bad. Now I don't feel better at all about my house, thanks a lot!

    Cute kid though :)

  5. Spongebob rocks! I still like that show.