Thursday, June 26, 2008

Missing Post 3- Kirsti's Birthday

June 14-16th

So, if you remember from a previous post, Kirsti's birthday was spent cleaning the rental house. All day. Without breaks. So, her birthday celebration was stretched to a 3 day deal. On Saturday, birthday proper, we celebrated by opening presents (after getting home from cleaning). Sunday, which was Father's Day, we ate birthday cake. Monday we did the birthday dinner; each birthday the celebrating kid gets to choose where we go out to eat.
On Saturday while we were cleaning, Kirsti asked Peter if she could still turn 6, even if we didn't celebrate it. Now you would think that my kids would be used to alternate days. With a ED doctor's schedule, we rarely celebrate on the correct day, just pick a day that is close and works best. Normally, if we change the date, we do it before their birthday and lately we have been lucky to celebrate on the right day, so this was really traumatic for her.

Some interesting notes~

  • Yes, the "wrapping paper" was the packing paper from all those boxes you see behind her in the picture. I intended to let the kids decorate the paper before we gave it to her, but we decided better to let her just open them instead of postponing and totally ruining the big day. And to explain the outfit- don't forget we were cleaning all day!

  • I had a hard time coming up with presents for Kirsti this year. I asked almost everyone. Almost all mom's with girls that age suggested Polly Pocket or the Disney Princess alternative. I know I balked at buying such small, easy to lose toys, but I gave in and bought both a Polly Pocket and 2 Disney Princesses (I needed one for the cake!) She absolutely loved them (in fact she says they were her favorite gift) so thanks for the suggestion. I'm glad I listened.

  • Thanks for the leap pad games mom and dad, all the kids played them till the batteries ran out and now I have to find where I put the batteries so I can replace them!

  • I totally stole the cake idea from my niece Kaylee's cake the week before. Don't blame me, blame the fact that they independently asked for the exact same cake and Brenda came up with a great, easy way to do it. This year I was all about great and easy (although I had to check 2 stores before I found the right Little Mermaid toy)

  • I didn't get any pictures of dinner. Surprise! She picked Chuck E. Cheese.


  1. Happy Birthday!! Actually, I would say Chuck E Cheese is a surprise for your kids, aren't they usually more Outback kind of kids??

  2. I liked the modification of the cake. The beach/water effect was cool. What did you make the sand out of?

    She got TONS of presents HOLY COW! They are growing up fast and becoming beautiful girls, can't wait for you to move out here so they can grow up together!

  3. Kim~ ever since they found out there is a Chuck E Cheese in this town, they have changed their minds (except Elise). I guess they just couldn't pick it in NC because there weren't any near by

    Brenda~ crushed vanilla wafers make great sand. I got some of her presents on after-Christmas specials so I was able to get more on our regular Birthday budget.

  4. Sorry I missed calling her on her birthday I guess it fit in with all the other stuff going on. It looks like a great day. Happy Birthday Kirsti.

  5. Mermaids must be the popular thing for six-year-olds. I had to fill Andrya's request for a mermaid cake too! Kirsti made out well with the presents. Wow! Did you get those from Amazon's specials? I loaded up on gifts for my kids' friends last Christmas with Amazon.

    Congrats to you on catching up your blog. I wish I could do the same!