Friday, June 27, 2008

Missing Post 4- Father's Day in Reality

June 15th

Pater gave me one of the best Mother's Days ever this year and I really wanted Father's Day to be spectacular. I even bought one of his gifts a couple weeks early. I spent a lot of time thinking about what gifts he would enjoy. When I asked him if there was anything he wanted in particular, he said he intended to get a plasma TV for Father's Day. (He has been saving bonus checks for a while to pay for a TV when we move.) Well that put an end to my Father's Day buying~ a plasma was way past what I was going to spend. My idea had been a hammock.

The problem was that life stubbornly refused to stay out of the way. We had to be out of the old house by June 15th. Since that was a Sunday, we really needed to be out by the 14th. Plus, our things came from the movers the Thursday before and I had to be at the new house the whole day. I was bringing stuff back and forth between houses the whole week. Plus, if you look back, that was the week of Kirsti's field trip (I really am a sucker) and Ethan's school play. We're talking 10 hours + running around, packing, unpacking, or cleaning the entire week. I barely took time off to buy Kirsti her birthday presents on Friday, the day before her birthday! Peter was working every day until that Saturday (cleaning) and Sunday (Sabbath) so he couldn't even go pick out a TV- and I wasn't buying that without spousal input!

By the end of the week I was starting to realize that Father's Day was not going to be as great as a I hoped. In desperation I even looked for a hammock to buy when I went present shopping for Kirsti, but due to limited time constraints, I couldn't find what I wanted (I was taking one of the last loads from one house to the other and fit shopping between that and going to Ethan's school play at 12:30). So Father's Day came and all I had was the one gift I had bought ahead of time. We had eaten some cookies at our friends', the Patches, house and Peter had liked them so much he had gotten the name of the cookie cookbook she had used. So I had jumped online and ordered it. This was Peter's sole present:

We did get a TV the next week:

And out of guilt, I am still looking for hammocks.


  1. Hey, Bryan would probably trade that fathers day (aka the big screen tv) for the one he had even with all the other stuff. Peter is a great dad.

  2. Wow. What a busy time you have had. I'm sure Peter was grateful for the cookbook that you can use to make him cookies. The TV rocks and a nice hammock on the beach sounds very relaxing.

  3. Sounds like a good day to me.

  4. But what he REALLY wants is a jet ski. I promise. =)

  5. That's funny, I got Kent a hammock for Father's Day last year. He hardly ever used it, and we still haven't set it up this year...yet.

    I'm betting you feel worse about Peter's Father's Day than he does. He probably loved giving you an awesome Mother's Day without feeling the need for equal reciprocation. In other words, he probably loves making you happy without looking for payback from you. Of all people, I'm sure he knows what a crazy week that was for you!