Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How to Spend a Sunday Sick

Well, a couple of weeks ago we were too sick to go to church. It was one of those annoying illnesses where you feel almost OK, just a little off. And every couple of minutes you break out in a horrible cough. Oh, and your nose is a leaky, disgusting faucet of grossness.

I considered going anyway, but the coughing and nose running would definitely be a dead give away. And then we would be the family who got everyone sick. Which has happened before, but that is a different story. So we had a day at home without TV (or Peter who was working). What do we do? Our favorite sport of course.

We have participated in this sport for several years. Ever since we moved to our first wooden floored house in Pennsylvania. However this day the kids introduced a variation. Instead of skating around the floors, they had sliding contests across the carpet. Added some excitement to it all.

My kids entertained themselves this way for at least an hour. Half way through the "game" my youngest 3 decided they would be safer with helmets (not a bad choice, it did get a little rough). And now you know why I have to replace my kids socks so often.


  1. I LOVE it! When do I get to come be your kid?

  2. How fun, I was wondering about the helmet in the first picture and wondered if that was something Joseph always wore around the house, or just for this sport, glad you clarified.

    I still don't think I want hard wood floors though.

  3. If you were #5 of 6, wouldn't you wear a helmet around the house on a daily basis?

    Ah, now I know the trick to picking up spaghetti. Put extra large thick socks on your kids feet, then send them off sock skating.

  4. Yeah right. You all look SO sick.

    I think it's great that you tricked your kids into dust mopping with their feet! ;o)

  5. Okay, I want to be a kid at your house. My mom would never let us do something like this.
    So, I was camping last week and I woke up one night to a very distinctive skunk smell in the camp site. My first thought was "at least they are not in my kitchen!"

  6. Man, if that's what you get to do when you stay home from church I will need to do it more often! I had no idea being sick could be so much fun. Maybe you could devise a way to attach Swiffers to the bottom of their feet? THAT would be an awesome sport!

  7. I like the swiffer idea..that is pretty sweet. ONe time Gordon and I stayed home "sick" from church and I dressed him up as a girl and took pictures...hahaha!