Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tagged Twice

I have been tagged twice. I hope to post this one tonight and the next one tomorrow. Then I can post the next part of 6 Births and 1 Epidural (we had another birthday over the weekend).

Without further ado, here we go. . .

Someday: I will not have preschoolers at home during the day.

I usually: can’t stop reading a book once I start.

I wonder: where the power cord to my sewing machine went and when I will finally just replace it.

I regret: trying to sew some maternity clothes (maybe one day I’ll tell you why)

I love: mathematics.

I care: about making happy memories for my children.

I always: procrastinate getting my haircut.

I worry: my children will be spoiled.

I am not: good with pop culture trivia.

I remember: when I first realized my husband was “the one.”

I believe: one day we will find the Theory of Everything (if this doesn’t make sense, don’t worry it means you’re not as geeky as I am).

I dance: unbecomingly.

I sing: a little off key, but often.

I don’t always: turn in my library books on time.

I argue: with other drivers (but they can’t hear me) and sometimes the TV.

I write: a shopping list and dinner menu every week.

I win: at puzzle games.

I lose: my car keys more often than I should.

I wish: for 100 more wishes.

I listen: to talk radio while I clean.

I don't understand: latin.

I can be found: by following the sound of Matthew calling “mama” through the house.

I am scared: I will give my kids the wrong advice.

I need: at least 5 more hours in the day.

I forget: appointments when I don’t write them down.

I am happy: to relax with a bowl of ice cream and cup of hot chocolate.


  1. I'm looking forward to the next birth story. I love to get a peak into other people's labor experiences.

  2. I'm confused. Do you have the ice cream and hot chocolate in one sitting, or are those the preferred treats for opposing seasons?

    I know how keeping up on haircuts goes. I literally haven't had one in a year. Maybe this week...

  3. Baecky- I like hearing birth stories, too

    Mary- Don't forget I live in CT now, I eat them concurrently in the winter. It is the only way I can eat ice cream and not freeze (as a summer rental, our last house was REALLY drafty)

  4. Thanks for was fun to read your thoughts.

  5. Ice cream and hot chocolate? Hm, I will have to give that a try sometime...

    That was fun to read your answers and the way you interpreted the prompts.

  6. PS I forgot to link to Vi, who had tagged me. Her blog is private so everyone who has an invite to her blog probably already saw her post.

  7. I love that you worked the Theory of Everything into a blog post! You go, science girl! If we (and by "we" I mean "people much, much smarter than I am") did discover the T.O.E., do you think it would change science as a whole very much?

  8. Claudia- I think if we figure out how to manipulate strings intradimensionally the alchemists of old won't look quite so silly.