Friday, September 26, 2008

Ten Reason Outhouses are a Good Idea Part 2

Here are the top 10 reasons
an outhouse is a good idea:
10- Unlike normal, where the kids start knocking before I can even sit, I will be harder to find. Also, the smell should keep my kids from camping outside the door stating most pressing and pertinent queries. Like, “What are you making for dinner in 3 hours?” or “You know my permission slip, the one I have had for two week and don’t need to turn in for one? I need it signed right now or I am going to die.”

9- No more new bottles of comet dumped down the toilet by a “helping” 2 year old.

8-Also, no more finding the 2 year old “helping” by scrubbing the toilet- after his brother forgot to flush.

7- And finally, no more 2 year old then carrying said scrubber around the house, sometimes with the plunger. (Not that this ever has happened . . . )

6- When company comes over I will not have to clean my room in case they need the only working, nondisgusting bathroom. Instead I can make them go outside and stare at my unmowed, unweeded yard.

5- When the kids drop something in the toilet, I will be able to see what it is instead of guessing while I plunge.

4- When my kids leave the house to visit neighbors while I am using the bathroom, I will, being outside, already be that much closer when I chase after them.

3- When my boys pee anywhere in the backyard, they will be closer to hitting the toilet than they will ever be standing in a bathroom.

2- When I run out of toilet paper in the middle of . . . things. . . I can always use leaves instead of trying to get my 4 year old to help and being told “That is why you should pee like a boy.”

1- Outhouses can be filled in and moved instead of cleaned. 

(This post was originally the last half a post entitled Ten Reasons Outhouses are a Good Idea.  I split it into two for easier linking purposes.  Turns out I have lots of need to link to my ideas about outhouses.  You can read the first half and all the original comments here)

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