Saturday, September 20, 2008

Who's Had a Birthday? Shout Hurray!

I like growing old. Yes, I know that isn't normal. Not only did I look forward to hitting 30, the thought of one day being 40 is downright exciting. I even check the mirror for signs of smile wrinkles, (and am happy to find them).

This being said, birthdays just don't do it for me. I tend to forget them. In fact, I realized today that I'll have to push back Joseph's party because I haven't sent out the invites (and his birthday is next week). I try to remember the birthday's for which I am directly responsible, but to everyone else, there isn't a great chance I will remember. I still love you, I promise. Well, most of you anyway . . .

So why am I pointing out my freakishness? Because Kim called me out with this comment on my last post:

"By the way, I was expecting a post on your birthday and got a housecleaning
one instead..."
Yes, last Monday was my birthday and I am only now posting about it. I feel bad, because it really was a happy birthday. I am 32 years old. I got bright floral dresses, flood length jeans, and orthopedic shoes. Oh wait, that is what I am getting Peter for his next birthday. Don't give away the surprise!

Actually, my parents sent me this nice crystal Christ statue that rotates and reflects changing colors. Apparently they are big out west, but having lived on the east coast for the last 7 years, I was unfamiliar with them. Thanks guys! (Matthew keeps climbing on the stool and pointing at it, saying, "Jesus on?" So he likes it, too)

Our friends graciously offered to come over and watch our kids while Peter and I went out to eat. Ever thoughtful, they even offered to pick up my oldest two from piano so Peter and I could go out early (Peter was working the night shift). We went to a great little restaurant (Olio's). It has been ages since we have been out alone in public. What a treat!

Turns out I have become hard to buy for. When Peter asked what I wanted, I couldn't think of a thing (unless you count shrink rays and transporters). While at dinner I mentioned that I would like to cook more things from scratch and the perfect idea came up: a wheat grinder! We are looking now.

So there is my birthday post. And I even remembered my correct age. And I only had to do the math twice to make sure I was right.

P.S. When I went to load a picture of my birthday, I had to go back 5 years to find one. That is NOT Joseph in the picture, it is ETHAN. And yes, we really had a purple living room back then. I guess I need to be better at remembering to pull out the camera (I told you birthdays were not my thing). And wait till you see some of the pictures I found for Create the Caption!


  1. That is 2 things we have in common getting older (YEAH) and remembering birthday's (ARGH). I am glad you had a good one.

  2. I'm the same way with birthdays. I have an email service set up that emails me 7 days, and then 3 days, before their birthday (for example, I know it's Joseph's soon), but I still manage to forget on the day of.

    If you'd like I can forward the emails to you, so you can remember just before forgetting as well.

  3. So funny! We got a wheat grinder last year from some of our coupon savings and I love it!! We have a Whisper Mill. It's wonderful.

  4.'s really a Wonder Mill. :)

  5. Yeah, I am pretty much the same. My birthday is coming up and my husband keeps asking me what I want or what I want to do and he gets exasperated when I say nothing. We finally compromised and decided he will take me shopping for some cast iron cookware. But then again, now I am thinking about a wheat grinder...

  6. A wheat grinder???? Surely you can come up with something more interesting...lets see....Oh I know!!

    a wishblade...oh you have it
    satalite radie...oh you have it
    wii fit...oh you have it


    flat screen no you have that too, I think you are SPOILED!! :)

    Guess a wheat grinder is a good choice, hope you enjoy it! Happy birthday!

    (Oh a serger!!! ask for a serger!!!)

  7. Happy birthday! I got a wheat grinder for Mother's's the nutrimill and I definitely recommend it.

  8. I am SO jealous. That is a great present. You'll have to let me know what you find when you research it. Glad you had a Happy Birthday...a night alone with your husband is a great way to celebrate.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm glad you were able to get out! I always wanted to try that restaurant!

  10. Happy Birthday! I just remember yesterday that I forgot to call. I guess you don't really mind that much, right? I am glad you guys got to go out.
    I remember those purple walls

  11. If you're in the market for wheat grinders, you should check out They have a grain mill as well as blenders that grind almost anything, including wheat. I use mine for smoothies, batters, dressings, and grinding wheat. They are "famous" for their "Will it blend?" commercials. I haven't seen them, but apparently in one of them, they feed a garden rake into the blender and it grinds it up. As a plus, they are made here in Utah (Pleasant Grove I think). Maybe you should come out and get one! ;o)


  12. You did not get the birthday thing from me. I love birthdays and I love the fuss, I love cake and presents and cards. I did like getting older like you but now it hurts and I'm not too sure I like it as much. Glad you had a great Birthday.

  13. Happy Birthday, Charlotte! Sounds like you got to celebrate a little.

    I bought a wheat grinder a couple of years ago and have yet to use it. I keep meaning to - I just haven't. I think it's the Blend Tec one someone mentioned. Anyhoo, if I ever get around to using it, I'll let you know what I think!