Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Bisquick Kind of Day

It all started with forgetting to take my cookbook to Connecticut. I didn't have my regular scratch pancake recipe and every recipe I pulled from online were not so great. So I gave in and bought Bisquick. This morning we had Bisquick pancakes for breakfast. We were in a hurry to look at a house to rent, so they were made small, eat with your fingers size.
The house we went to see was gorgeous and right on the water. I think this is the winner and we are meeting with the agent and owner to set up lease terms on Monday. They are an older couple who are waiting out the housing slump to sell the house and only want to rent it to cover taxes and beach association fees (the rent is the same as other homes we have looked at, only this house is on a private neighborhood beach) They are willing to do a lease to own but since they already turned down a 1.2 million offer, I don't think we will be buying it :(
We got home in time to clean up the house together and get ready for lunch. Since we had run out of lunch meat, hotdogs, ramen soup and all other essential ingredients for everyone-eating-at-home lunches, I made an alternate: Strawberry shortcake. I had recently found out the recipe for this is right on the Bisquick box and I had bought strawberries for the week that hadn't been eaten yet. Yummy, if not the most healthy lunch.
Then we found a new park. It was a bit of a drive but had several walking trails, playgrounds, a lake and fountain. Quite beautiful.
By the time we got home, everyone was hungry for dinner. I had joked that if I could find a recipe, we could have Bisquick for dinner too and Peter informed me his mom used to make pizza dough from it. Low and behold, homemade pizza was on my list for dinners this week and I hadn't had time to make the bread dough so it hadn't been made. I jumped online, found a recipe and made Bisquick for dinner, too. There are tons of recipes for all kinds of things to make with Bisquick at Betty Crocker's site. Click the picture at the top to check it out!
So that was our Bisquick day!


  1. That is so funny!! Whenever Barlow and I are trying to decide what to eat, Barlow always suggests Bisquick as an option to be "funny". Seriously though I really like Bisquick (possibly a little too much), so I would have loved eating at your house that day!

  2. Sounds like a really fun day. I have a recipe to make a mix like bisquick that you can use for everything. Send some pictures of this house for rent.

  3. The house sounds beautiful. That is really funny about your Bisquick day! Cheap meals though, and they sound yummy. I pulled out my big Sam's club box of Bisquick to see if it had a shortcake recipe too...and it does!

  4. Funny, I have had days like that, for us it is normally Dino Chickens for every meal. Your meals sound more delicious!