Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spirited Discussions?

So, the other day Peter was insisting he had bought an air mattress to go camping with and I was insisting we had not. A couple of days later, Joseph brought me an air mattress, "Look what I found in my closet. What is this?" So that got me thinking, at dinner that night we compiled our top silliest arguments. Here they are in more-or-less chronological order:

1- Is it faster to get to Peter's apartment (we were still dating) by crossing the field or walking around it?

2- Do clouds move across the sky because of winds or the earth moving underneath?

3- Is it cheating to look at someone's cards if you can not in any way affect their game? (ie, A is playing behind of B, and A's discard can not affect B's play at all. A was just curious how close B was to finishing) We now have very set rules when we play Phase 10.

4- Who 1st proposed Elise's name? I still claim I had always liked the name, having someone in my neighborhood with the name. Peter claims he choose it because of its Scandinavian background.

5- Should we still have an electoral college (it would be wise if you don't ask either of us unless you like to talk politics)?

6- Who was right about the clouds moving argument? Conveniently we both think we were the one fighting that it was the wind moving the clouds. I ask, who studied physics and took a weather class?? Hmm?

7- Do fireworks explode uni-directional or 3 dimensional? I know that some of those reading were present at this argument and none of us will ever watch fireworks again without commenting how lucky we are to sit on the correct side of the fireworks so we can see them explode!

8- Which is faster, the slower speed limit with no lights (me) or the faster speed limit with lights (Peter)? This is actually an argument that continues wherever we move and is only settled by racing. I think we have an even number of wins and whoever looses usually follows the winners route once it proves faster.

9- Looking at it at night, where on the mountain is Copperton, UT? Oh wait, that argument isn't ours. That was my mom and dad's silliest (and longest running) argument!

This week I am asking everyone to vote on which argument is the silliest.

By the way, thanks to everyone for taking the pot/kettle poll. It is nice to know that not everything I say is completely archaic! The final results for 'What do you think of the idiom "that's the pot calling the kettle black"?':

Never Heard of it: 0
Heard of it, but don't know what it means: 1
Heard of it, know what is means, but think it is uncommon: 1
Heard it and might have used it/would use it if the situation was right: 2
I know I have used that phrase before: 9


  1. Pretty funny. I love how most our arguments dont seem so serious when it is the next morning. I will never forget the fireworks one and feel privleged to have been there for that one! And most of my childhood memories revolve around the regular family fight while going to family parties in Coopperton. I think sometimes it was us kids who brought it up, just to see what happened.

    I totally know better than to bring up politics with you guys! and I listen to talk radio every day!

  2. I'm always so glad I always just happen to be on the right side when fireworks go off. It would be really sad if I sat at the wrong place and all the fireworks were flat!

  3. I'm glad we don't live close to you guys, so your arguing doesn't rub off on us. I don't even know what it's like to have a silly argument with my perfect, angelic husband.

    And by the way, it's not hard to find Copperton... at least it wasn't when it was all just a field.

  4. Yes that had to be Barlow. Those were really funny and interesting.

  5. Ok, why would I leave a comment under Andrea name. I would love to take credit for the funny joke about the field, but that was Andrea (we have driven to Copperton with Mom I think).

  6. I was actually present for the cloud argument too (when Bryan, Brenda, and I drove to Missouri for Spring Break). I remember that was one long drive. The Copperton one was a jewel too. Especially the fields....

  7. What I conmented that I had never heard of it. We wouldn't argue if
    Dad would remember that I grew up there and now the area. Besides we disagree on who said what anyway. You know how it goes we both said that we said the right thing. But then we know who grew up there and would know the correct answer. Dad and I never argue anyway. Not for real.

  8. Funny Andrea who told you that one?

  9. Funny funny Barlow. I don't even think that comment any more.