Monday, May 12, 2008

A Week in Laters

For some reason I could never get quite caught up with things last week. Here is a short synopsis of our week:

As always, my shopping day. I was $30 under budget!! There is a park 1.5 miles from the house and the kids school is halfway, so Peter and I walked to the school, picked up the kids and walked to the park. It ended up being 3 miles round trip for us, but only 2 for the kids. Also, we had FHE and finally finished all the power point lessons the kids have made. Just in time to start going over conference talks!

Peter worked the 11-11 shift so I was on my own. Took the kids to the park again (this time I drove!) It is finally nice enough to play outside and the kids pulled out the bikes when we got home. They like to ride up and down the little one way street by our house. I let them do it while I cleaned the kitchen (and listened to Matthew whine about not going out with the other kids) until Ryan got hit by another biker- we get a lot of bikers and runners because we are right along the ocean. Guess I can only let them go around the house unless I am watching them the whole time. Took the boys to Cub Scouts. Watched all my kids and some of Ethan's leader's kids. Elise somehow ended up helping the YW do gardening stuff and we ended up taking some plants home to water.

Went to the park with a friend in the morning. It was a little chilly and windy so we didn't stay long. There was a cool slide there that had rollers going down. Matthew loved it and went up and down it the whole time. After school we pulled out everyone's bikes and the bike trailer (for Joseph and Matthew) and went on our first whole family bike ride. Elise had popped her tire the day before and Kirsti isn't too steady on her bike yet, so they took the scooters. We drove around the huge beach parking lot by our house (it is about the size of a WalMart parking lot) and then went on about a mile route. Poor Kirsti was exhausted! We stretched the limits of the trailer by letting her ride for the home trip. Elise switched scooter to bike with Ryan about 1/2 way through.

I can't remember what I did Thursday. I think the plan was to do housework, but I know that didn't quite happen. It was rainy, so no park or playing outside. Hmmm. Must have been a pretty boring day. Should have taken some time to post that day.

Oh yeah, I went and looked at a place to rent that day. It was a great size (a little expensive), but the walls are all faux painted or wall papered or muralled and they aren't leaving till July 1st, still it may be where we end up until we sell our house. By the way, there is a family that is trying to get financing for the house right now. Cross your fingers that it goes through so we can live in our own house again. Here is the website showing the house I looked at. It is in a neighborhood I would like to live in eventually.

*I forgot to mention that we got Mario Cart last Saturday and so we have been playing intermittently with Gordon and Jessica all week. Usually while I make dinner and before the kids go to bed.*

Well, this post is long enough. I will have to post later to tell you about Mother's Day Weekend (that's right, we celebrated all weekend long!)


  1. Sounds like a pretty great week! I didn't know you guys lived by the ocean... That will give you an extra advantage when we are deciding who to visit.

  2. Sounds like a fun busy week, I have a hard time knowing what is safe when it comes to bike riding, for now my kids can just go to the corners of our street should visit us instead.

  3. I just checked out the rental house. Looks big, but my question is does it come furnished because those couches!!! Wow, they are to die for, they match the wall paper so well. Forget about buying a place of your own and snatch up that rental quick!

  4. Yeah, the 1st question I asked was if the furniture was going! I was hoping I could offer to strip the wallpaper for a reduction in rent, but they are coming back in a year (gone for a job), so that was not a possibility. Yeah, it would have been awsome paint job, if it was still 1991.

  5. Lots of fun! And Andrea...we are not that far from the beach...and didn't you see everyone's posts about Marbles museum???

  6. I haven't ridden bikes in forever. Maybe I should start doing that again.

  7. sounds like that was lots of fun! The kids must love It up there. I wish we could come see you guys this summer.

  8. Wow! You are such a good Mom. I need to take some tips from you and do more fun things with Madison. I don't know how you do it. You're going to look great next time I see you! I wish you weren't having so much fun there so you'd want to come back.