Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Learning New Things

All my kids have really started to grow up. In the last couple of weeks they have all started learning something new. Here is a synopsis of what each has begun doing (I realize that it may seem as though I am ignoring my other kids in the videos, but really I'm not. That much.):

Matthew has started praying. He has always come running for prayer, folding his arms and kneeling, but within the last week he started saying amen with everyone and two nights ago he started praying. (In the video I tried to get him to pray, but he had other ideas. I did get him to fold his arms for a while!)

Joseph has started navigating the web (and my iphone). He has never shown interest in computers, but now I get a constant, "Can I go on PBS kids?" And then he moves around the site to find what he wants.

Kirsti is finally reading! When we read scriptures I only have to help on a couple of big words or unusual names, and she does a pretty good job of sounding those out, too!

Ethan has become good at Nintendo. He was behind the curve for a while because he always wanted to win, so he would let Ryan play "for him". At our newest game (Mario Cart) he plays about as well as me and is getting almost competitive with his older brother (which Ryan appreciates because they can really play together now). Another new learned skill for Ethan? He sings in Primary. Used to just sit there, but last week I looked behind me in Primary and he was singing every word to every song! Beautiful!

Ryan is becoming an expert gamer. He has beat more boards on Mario Cart than Peter or Gordon! Also, when we play strategic games (like Qwirkle or Settlers), he takes FOREVER to move because he is looking at potential moves from every angle. "I'm just making sure I can't do more."

Elise has become very conscious of herself. I don't know how else to say it. She always wants to bathe and actually brushes her own hair without prodding. In fact yesterday, she came down after a bath and said, "Don't tell me to brush my hair, I just spent a half hour getting it to scrunch like this." I then explained to her that mousse or gel would help hold a look and she ran upstairs immediately to try. Also, during FHE's she always has spiritual experiences to share. I keep thinking she will just repeat one she has already told, but they are always new ones to me. "I prayed about the Book of Mormon and knew it was true", "The spirit told me to get out of the water and I did right away and then a wave hit and knocked over everyone by me", etc. That is pretty exciting!


  1. That is really great to see all your kids. Abe loved the video of Matthew and cried when it was over until I started it again. They are all getting so big and so old!

  2. That was really cute. Addie thought Matthew was her... maybe becuase their hair is very similar. They are going to be so grown up by the next time I see them.

  3. Wow, they are all growing up really fast! That is GREAT that Kirsti can read so well. That will make the summer better for her becasue she will be able to read her own books. Elise will be such a beautiful teenager (and I can't believe how close she is to being a teenager!

  4. your kids are as cute as ever. Its been too long since I've seen em, and its only been a year. Hope you guys end up making it out here this year

  5. Its really cool to see how much the kids have grown since the last time I saw them. All of the kids are so cute and Its so hard to believe that Elise will be in young womens soon!!!