Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family Update

Thought I would leave a quick post on what our family is up to these days.

Elise has been doing great in middle school. She got all A's on her progress report and just found out she made it into Chamber Choir.

Matthew has learned the value of talking. He talks all the time and seems to add at least 3 new words every day. Last week he learned "uh-uh" and "ya". Now that he can tell us his opinion, he thinks he should always get his way! He is starting to put words together. His favorite song? We Will Rock You. I will try to get some video one of these days.

Ryan is enjoying school, too. Last week he finished testing for the gifted program. He was accidentally signed up for flag football (there are 4 Ryans in 4-5th grades and somehow his name got added to the list). That means he is doing tackle football and flag. His last tackle game is this Friday during the high school football team's half time. He really enjoys it.

Ethan loves, loves, loves football. He kept circling the play, always holding back, and then on his last game of the season, something clicked and he was in on every play. You can find him outside playing pretty much all the time. Only 2 more months till baptism time!

Kirsti has become a reading fiend. She can finish the Magic Tree House books, although her true heart is with Henry and Mudge. This is a picture of her school project. Those are strips of paper we wrapped into circles and glued onto a the pumpkin she brought home. We had a blast finishing this project together (although it did take a little longer than I expected).

Joseph has started preschool. It is 1 hour twice a week. He gets so excited every week. Matthew, however, gets upset every time we drop him off. He loves to tell stories and they totally crack me up. Today he told Peter and I about the billy goat gruffs. It involved "the highest number" of goats, grass that was made into necklaces, and jumping over the trolls.

He had two birthday cakes. The Pirate for his party and this one the week earlier on his actual birthday. For the last year, ever since he saw this cake, he has told everyone, "I am having a Transformer birthday." I knew he would eventually realize if I didn't make it, so I did. The picture was taken after some frosting surgery to repair Matthew damage to the cake.

Peter is doing well. Lots of recruiting and what not. They lost a doctor last month, which was hard, but a new hire starts Monday and another in November. And at least one in July. We are hoping for 2-3 more hires this year (which means lots more work). He is going to the American College of Emergency Physicians conference in a couple weeks and is hoping for some good leads while out there.

And me? I have 8 costumes to finish by Friday. I also have a basement to clean out, library books to find, 2 school parties and plan, and a wheat grinder to still buy. I'm keeping busy.
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  1. Wow. I still get blown away when I realize how big your kids are and how old they are getting. Good luck with those halloween parties, you room mother, you...

  2. Thanks for the update. My6 favorite picture is the one were one of your kids is using their secret super powers to shoot a blue ball of fury.

  3. Wow, when I got home your blog was the most to catch up on. I guess it is because you have so many more kids than everyone else. I am glad that all is going good and keeping you busy. Can't wait to see what the costumes are going to be this year. Kirsti looks beautiful in that picture! ,,

  4. Glad to hear everyone is doing fun stuff! Your family posts are always interesting because your kids are each so different and are always doing unique things. Glad Matthew is starting to talk more, we should let he and Addie web chat sometime, she would love that.

  5. Wpw your family is growing up so fast. I am glad they are all doing so well. Can't wait for the baptism. Tell all the kids love from their Grandma Red.

  6. You sound as busy as me, but with a better attitude :)

  7. I am 1/2 done with costumes. Hopefully we can both finish on time. Sounds like the kids are doing great and having fun.

  8. I am amazed at how busy you guys are and how much your kids have grown. I still can't get over how big Kirsti is. =0)

  9. I love that last picture. Was it taken in your backyard?

    It is fun to catch up on your kids all at once. (Helps me keep Joseph and Matthew straight!)

    So what do you do with your old Halloween costumes? After all the work you put into them, I hope they don't just end up in storage.

    Keep up the good work Laters!

  10. Mary, they are in storage. I don't know what to do with them afterwards. Any ideas?

  11. And no, that isn't my backyard . . . it is my side yard :)

  12. Wow, seems like you never have a dull moment. If you did would you know what to do?