Friday, October 3, 2008

Party Time

My children only get parties every fourth year. This means that this was Joseph's first party. We went with a Pirate Theme. I was too busy to get many pictures before hand, but here are the pre-party ones:
The invites
(I got the cute text from online somewhere- Sorry, can't remember where):

The Entryway:
The Map:

The Map:

Stop 1- "Lets Begin"
Drop presents, get pirate hat and party bag
Stop 2- "Eyeless Bay"
Play pin the patch on the pirate and earn your own pirate eye patch.
Stop 3- ""Gold Coin Beach"
Play Island Walk (like cake walk) to "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" and earn chocolate gold coins
Stop 4- "Treasure Cove"
Decorate own Treasure Chest

Stop 5: "Book Rest Stop"

Read How I Became A Pirate by Melinda Long

Stop 6: X Marks the Spot

(of the Pinata)-
put candy in party bag
broke my broom handle

Now we Eat Pizza, Open Presents, & Eat the Cake and Ice Cream
Once again I got the cake idea from this site

If you include my children (6) and little baby siblings of the older kids (3) and a couple of older siblings (3),

there were 22 kids at the party

Before the party I made the cake, cleaned the house, wrapped the presents from the family, put together 24 eye patches, and decorated (I finished up the games last night during the debate). Peter took the boys for several hours so I could get done, thanks Sweetheart.

I will be sleeping well tonight.

(And maybe tomorrow I will show the presents, the extra cake we had last week and the story on why we had two cakes for Joseph's B-Day)


  1. You are seriously amazing. Not only was your party fabulous, but you even blogged about it already. You wear me out. All I managed to do when I got home was clean up and start Fablehaven 2. Oh, maybe that's my problem.

  2. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to have a birthday party for Addie, maybe next year. And now I know who to come to for ideas! Looks like tons of fun, wish our kids could have been #23 and #24!

    And kudos for blogging about it already, you put the rest of us to shame.

  3. That looks like so much fun. I'm glad you found everything and got it all in time! I love the cake....I'm already fretting about Abe' guys hold me to such a high standard! Happy Birthday Joseph!

  4. That does look like a lot of fun. I never have birthday parties anymore :(

  5. By 8 o'clock I could barely keep open my eyes. I knew if I went to bed then I would be doomed to wakefullness WAY TO EARLY. So, since I was too tired to stand up, I did the best thing I could think of sitting. Didn't get to bed till 10:30. Yay!

  6. How cool is that!!! You did an awesome job!!! Happy Birthday to Joseph!!! =0)

  7. My kids have "friend" parties every other year because they're expensive and they totally wear me out. Maybe I should only do them every 4 - LOL!

    Okay, everything looks adorable. Love the cake, especially. What a fun mom you are!

  8. you had some really cute party ideas. It looked like it was a lot of fun!

  9. I am glad you posted pics except that just shows what Sarah missed. I am sorry we never made it. The girls stayed at Gma/Gpa's house the night before and never got in naps. When I had picked them up at 3pm Ila fell asleep on the way home and was out cold. I was going to call before hand but figured you had too much going on and then forgot after. We have his present and will either bring it by or you will get it next Sunday (hopefully the first). Happy Birthday Joseph!!

  10. You have the best birthday party ideas. I'll have to come up with something good for Camille this year. Her birthday, right before Christmas, always gets overlooked. Or people get sick. Or something else comes up to bump a party. It's too tempting for people to want to lump it together with Christmas. She has requested a Barbie cake again this year, surprise, surprise!

  11. Heidi- I was hoping you had the baby and that is why you missed the party. I'm sure you would have preferred that reason too.

    Amanda- I have to do an 8 year old party this December. He is already planning it. Last time I did it early in the month because no one can come on his birthday- the 23rd. I have considered doing it on his half birthday instead, but that is too strange.

  12. good job on your party! It looks like you did a great job on it. I only let my kids have friend parties at 8 and 12 because of all the work involved.

  13. 22 kids! holy moly. You are truly a master, especially to accommodate several kids that weren't on the invite list...oops. What a fun party and the cake, totally impressive...I mean, all of it was impressive, I just really liked all the food parts.

  14. looks like a blast. but why do you only do birthday parties every 4 years.

  15. Only 4 years because they are expensive and a lot of work. I didn't want my kids to expect a big TO-DO every year. This way we can do something really fun sometimes and have a family thing the other years.

  16. I am very impressed. I like the idea of a party every 4 years. I may adopt that.

  17. You do such a good job with the kids birthday parties. Such a good mom. You guys got a party every year until you turned 10. Such a lot of work I should have known better. Happy Birthday Joseph

  18. What a cool party! You are such a good mom! I love the pic of the pinata b/c you can see the ocean in the background. I am jealous!