Saturday, October 11, 2008


This was our second trip with the kids to Philadelphia (we went once back when we lived in PA). The oldest kids only vaguely remembered and we had only time to visit the Liberty Bell that day. We were very excited to see more historical sites. After convincing Peter that the bus lane was really the driving lane because the driving lane was really the double parking lane, we finally arrived the historic district. After driving down a couple levels in the parking garage, we finally found a parking space.

Our first stop (after bathrooms at the visitor center) was Independence Hall. Our free tickets were 45 minutes away, so we walked around a while. Above are the pictures of things we saw outside. While waiting my children found their true calling: they were born to be squirrels (please note that these acorns were not in any way involved in voter fraud).

Once inside, I busily snapped pictures and admired how interested my children were in the tour (except Matthew who fussed the whole time) when it hit me.

This is where it all happened. This is where our nation began. This is where those great men stood. Here where I stand now. It was a wonderfully overwhelming feeling.

Our next stop was the Liberty Bell. Joseph was fascinated! He kept talking about the bell with the crack in it.

After a short water break, we walked down to the Betty Ross house. The kids loved running around the fountain circumvented with the engraved names of the 13 colonies. They would all stop and see on which colony they landed. Kirsti miraculously always ended on Connecticut. Sometime it involved diving. Elise enjoyed a conversation with Betty Ross herself.
Next came the US Mint. I waited outside with Matthew because they don't allow cameras inside (and Matthew was getting tired and irritated anyway).
Peter had been eyeing them all day, having taken one of their tours in Boston, and finally bought tickets. Our last part of the day was spent on the duck tour. Obnoxious, right? The kids loved those little quackers (and that the tour bus drove into the Delaware and became a boat). It was a nice tour and showed us all we missed and will have to come back to see someday.

Finally exhausted but satisfied, we returned to out car and headed home. It was a great day.
I love the founding fathers. I believe they were led by the hand of God to create this great nation. It was truly humbling to stand where they have stood and remember that they were not sure of the outcome of their actions. For all they knew, they could lose the war and die disgraced traitors. They were only sure that America had greatness yet untapped. I am so thankful for their bravery and sacrifice.


  1. So did you look for any funky spectacles hidden in the masonry of Independence Hall? I kept thinking, those are all the places I just saw in National Treasure! (We watched the DVD recently.) Then your bolded paragraph reminded me, "Oh yeah. More important than movie sets is the fact that our country began there!"

    So where were the other tourists? I only see your family in the pictures with no one in the background. I would think it would be very busy.

  2. Looks like fun...especially the duck tour. Too bad you missed the mint, that is one of our favorite DC stops. I've actually never been to any of the Philadelphia sites, too bad huh.

  3. What a great experience for your family. I can't wait until my kids can be into these times of trips. Tom and I went to Philly when Sarah was only a few months old. She did really well. :o)

  4. So fun. What a neat experience to get to see those sites and even if your only four. Joseph will probably always remember the bell! I'm glad your taking advantage of those opportunities to see those historic sites. I wish we had done more while we were there.

  5. I would love to visit some historical sites. Maybe some day we will get to go out there.

  6. That would be an amazing tour. I think I have some children who would especially be interested in the duck tour, especially if the beaks make loud, annoying sounds!

  7. Oh believe me loud an annoying doesn't even begin to describe the sounds those beaks make . . .

  8. I love the picture of all of them on the post things on the sidewalk! I want to have 6 kids just so I can take cool pictures like that! (kidding... or maybe I'm not>!?!)